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Thanks. Well I am going to my doctor this week to find out. I'm just so sick of going to my past doctors and having them tell me that I have an iron deficiency when my iron levels are perfect and the supplements don't improve the dizziness, the Paleness or the fatigue. I'm sick of the old doctor telling me that my headaches are from an overactive adrenal gland when the hormones come back normal. I guess what I'm really sick of is doctors giving up when the first guess is wrong. So when I started having tingling and numbness in my hand I decided to do research on reliable websites (like the mayo clinic) so I could go to the new doctor as an informed patient, capable of telling him everything I'm thinking. I also got help from my sister who is in the health field.

I just want answers this time. It's been far too long.

Thank you for your comments.

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The internet is a pretty dangerous thing when it comes to self-diagnosing. Honestly, you can google a few symptoms and find so many possibilities!

My Mom actually has Pernicious Anemia. She gives herself shots at home. She experiences fatigue and muscle weakness but she functions pretty normally. She works, does yard work, etc just like she always did. If she doesn't listen to her body and rest when she should, then her symptoms are worse, like any illness.

Don't panic! Just wait and see what your doctor has to say.

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Find out first if that is what you have from your doctor. Trying to self-diagnose can drive up anxiety big time. If you have it, your doctor will be in the best position to talk with. Just be prepared with a list of question to ask him/her so that this may help allay your fears.

Be well!

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Your GP is the best person to ask information how this condition will affect you..Pernicious anemia covers more than one type of anemia.. Most of the people I visit with this get regular B12 injections and their tireness and neuropathic pain levels give them a pointer time to contract their doctor.. Several are so cronic they are permenantly on our nurses roaster every 3rd month and have the injections sitting in their fridge....

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I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to post this. If it is, please let me know and I'll move it... If i can.

So I'm going to the doctor this week because I think I have pernicious anemia. It just seems to be the answer to all the symptoms I have. The reason I'm putting this on here is because the possibility of having it is really scaring me. Part of me would love to have an answer to the problems I've been having so long that have recently gotten worse, but the other part of me is freaking out. So.... I guess that's all I have to say.

Does anyone know anything about pernicious anemia? Do any of you have it or know someone with it? Thank you for your help.

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