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3/12/13 1:11 P

Sounds delicious, EX-PRESSO! Can't go wrong with that plan.

My ideal party would include nothing but hors d'oeuvres and dessert. No booze needed; I can fly very high on those goodies alone :)

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3/12/13 12:11 P

Thanks for the ideas!

as there are a lot of children included (some of my friends come over from England), we start at noon. the guests are a mix of family, friends, old friends and work mates from my husband. A lot of them don't know each other, but I tried to invite people with the same interests (for example there will be a Ex-DJ, a professional singer, a professional trumpet player and a guy who earns his money giving guitar lessons and playing in a band. two family members play the drums and the accordion for example. They ALL don't know each other, but I guess, they have a lot in common.)
food will be BBQ and Salads, later cake -

I guess I need to make a plan which one would "fit" to each other and make some connections.

From early evening it will be a bit more "friends" no longer family ;)

Invited are 90 persons *big*

3/12/13 11:33 A

Unless all of your guests know each other and have things to talk about, a theme or games to get the ball rolling would be a good idea.

Happy birthday!

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3/12/13 11:01 A

Wow how fun Happy Birthday! In my opinion as what seems to be others too without them even saying but by my observance is a great party starts with a great host. It all all about the host/hostesses at the party on how they are being, so you must be relaxed and having fun. The person giving the party should be lots of fun! They make sure everyone is having fun with or without them. I am usually the hostess, parties at my house are always the best. These are the reasons, I have a good sense of humor, I greet everyone friendly and thank them as they walk in for coming. I only invite whom I want, never anyone I think I should. If someone is single and want to be a friend that is great. My home is beautiful and clean so the environment is nice, but not so sterile someone is afraid that if they spill something I will go nuts over it. I mingle and make my way around to each and everyone throughout the party, and get some laughter going throughout the party. I have visible garbage cans and recycle cans so they don't have to ask where do I put this or that. Music of great variety played not too low nor too high, but you want to be able to swoon with it and not strain to hear it, or to be blasted out that you cannot hear people around you talking, but if you hear or someone else hears that song that makes them want to shake their booty turn it up a bit and start dancing, have fun!. Safety always, so ride sharing with sober people need to be arranged, or a place for them to sleep at your place needs to be available and worked out beforehand, no drinking and driving whatsoever. You can even make a taxi jar where people can donate a few bucks each to assure all drivers get home safely in case someone is low on cash. Karaoke kills a party, unless it is a karaoke party, other then that it is nerve racking. My parties are all great success. Everyone talks about them for a long, long time afterward. Other parties I attend are over in no time because they never really took off and got to that really fun place. So again great host/hostesses are the key to a great party. I say always have food out and ready, buffet style is best. If party starts at 5 p.m let them know dinner will be set out and ready as soon as they walk in. This allows you to have fun while work is done. It allows guests to see that you are not busy, and they need to not worry if you need help or not. This also allows people to have food on their stomachs so no one gets sloppy drunk or sick. Here are some examples of bad parties, a friend threw a party at her house, food was great , music not fit for all ages, some bad rap and she has a 2 year old, that dampens mood already like what the heck she has a baby. People looking at each other when bad songs came on with very bad lyrics with her two year old running around. I also remember asking where she was and I remember a lot of others asking where she was, she was not attentive and would sit for long periods of time in same place so party was over fast. She had a another party same thing except this time she looked too busy and stressed it ended fast and never really took off emoticon emoticon . My sister had a halloween party we all dressed up, house looked awesomely wicked, but she drank before the party and was already drunk by the time we only had one drink and she started karaoke way too soon before anyone had a buzz and she sang, sang , sang and kept trying to force others to do so. Party was dead in one hour, people started leaving in an hour and half. I felt obligated to stay longer but was feeling very agitated and was on porch griping silently in my head which seemed like forever with basically her singing 4 out of five songs in a row and the fifth song by my niece. I wanted to try and save the party but she had too many guest with little space too, so not easy to move around and mingle to get the party hopping. Most left by 8. I left at 9, I just could not take anymore. I tried drinking but nothing was happening. Not bragging I just have the knack for entertaining and know the what to do's and what not to do's. My parties always start at 5 and last anywhere from midnight to 3 a.m. Have an awesome party! I remember my 40th birthday here at my home, it was a blast and very memorable and fun! Happy Birthday!

EX-PRESSO Posts: 478
3/9/13 10:31 A

I'm turning 40 this year and planing a big party to celebrate the life ...

What makes a perfect party?
What do I really need (except of food and drinks and nice people ;))


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