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2/1/12 5:13 A

I appreciate everyone's advice. :)

I disagree (respectfully) about the lab tests.

Numbers don't tell the whole story. Results can be "within the normal range" but that doesn't mean that everything is fine or that something doesn't need adjusted. It took me over a year to get a diganosis because the doctor was so focused on the numbers & not what I was telling her. The low thryoid levels finally showed up but if I listened to her and just accepted what the numbers said, I would still be suffering from the consequences of untreated Hypothyroidism. Always listen to what your body is telling you. :)

Thank you everyone. I really do appreciate your suggestions & advice. :)

PUDDIN1970 Posts: 29
1/31/12 8:53 P

I know this may sound crazy - do you bath? or just shower? I love baths.. the longer the better lol. But I add some baby oil to my water. I found that I love to use baby lotion when I am still damp. It helps to lock in the moisture!

I agree with the lab tests - its the only way to know if your on the right track with your meds. Sometimes it takes a few adjustments to get the meds right. I have found that out myself.

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,222
1/31/12 6:54 P

The only way to really tell if the dosage of your medication is right, is to get a blood test done.

Personally, I've used a lot of different lotions and creams. For me, the key is to drink a lot of fluids, and use something on my hands & feet every day, whether they feel "dry" or not.

EMMANYC Posts: 1,702
1/29/12 6:34 P

The two most effective products I've found for dry skin are Neutrogena's Norwegian Formula hand cream and Body Shop's Shea Body Butter. I also try to make sure I'm drinking extra fluid when the air is super-dry.

1/29/12 5:26 P

I know I could put this in a spark team forum but I know some of you come on the general message boards too.

How do you deal with dry, dry skin. My hands feel like the are going to bleed. This has to be high on the list of annoying things to deal with.

Also, have you ever felt your dosage of medication was too low? I am pretty sure mine is because the only thing it helps with is that I am slightly more awake but that's kind of fading way again.

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