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As a former college athlete it is my opinion that the NCAA has dramatically overreached its authority with these penalties. What Sandusky did is reprehensible; the courts have dealt with that. If University official hid it or looked the other way, they as individuals should be held accountable just as Sandusky has been. To say that the athletes never played the games, earned the championships is a load of crap. This penalizes people that had nothing to do with and no knowledge of the abuse. It is an over-reaction. It is no surprise as the NCAA recently has shown a desire to be a great moral compass (i.e. mascot/nickname controversies) rather than a governing body of an athletic association.

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7/25/12 12:55 A

I am just thinking of the individual players. Were all of their records were erased too? That is not fair to them.

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I can see the logic- isn't 1998 when allegedly Paterno and co. learned about Sandusky's behavior for the first time?

He didn't get removed from his job until a few years later, and then was still allowed access to the facility for a long time after that.

So i can understand the rationale- it is always a bit of a fiction to remove these wins, but it does effectively ruin Paterno's standing in NCAA history. When my son checks the list of leading NCAA DI coaches in a few years, he won't see JoePa's name, and won't even think of him.

7/23/12 11:42 A

Worse than the Death Penalty?

I agree with all of the penalties except for the erasing of all of the wins since 1998 that's a bit steep. PSU would've been better off with a year suspention of the football program. How could they say those wins never existed?

I am no PSU fan....just sayin

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