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12/31/10 12:41 A

I would give a donation to the humane society and let them figure out whom to give it too.. Both are theatrened speices with global warming..

I would let them decide which case needs the money..

I am more for education to the locals not to wipe out the polar bears, when they wake up early sometimes there is no food for them to eat and feed their babies they became a annoyance..

I have never heard of penguins attacking towns lol.. Perhaps we need to give resources to the human society to keep polar bears from being dead as dodo's...

People shoot unless park rangers get involved fast because a hungry bear can level a building is insisting on getting in..

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12/30/10 8:33 P

Sadly I have no advice...but I just wanted to say HAVE A BLAST!!!!! I always wanted to do the Polar Bear thing and now I live someplace that doesn't have much of a winter....:( Do it while you can...take photos and enjoy the ride!!! :)

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12/30/10 6:18 P

Hi! I signed up to do the Penguin Plunge to raise money for the Humane Society. I'm committed and I'm doing it. But, I'm getting a little nervous since this is a first for me. Any advice on what to wear, how to get ready, or anything else?

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