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5/9/10 3:06 P

I had the same problem. I was sent to a gyno/uro dr by my primary care dr. The gyno/uro dr was great and gave me several options from minor surgery to medication to exercises. I chose to start with the exercise and he agreed with my choice. He instructed me every time I had to go to the bathroom to squeeze the butt muscles 3 times and to squeeze them again 2 times more after I was done. Believe me after a few times it has worked and I am fine with no more accident problems. Good luck !!!

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5/9/10 2:37 P

Do the bladder exercises with a registered therapist and if it doesn't get better ask to be referred to a gyno department at a hospital- there is a tiny operation called a TVT operation and it cuts out using incontient products completely by putting a smart band around the neck of the bladder and keeping it closed when we move around..
If it loosens they can re-do the operation and no accidents jumping around..
I had a 16 year problem efter giving birth to a large baby, the midwife cut my locking muscles and didn't sew them correctly again.. My gyno doctor put the band around and now life is good again.. Dry undies and good experiences enjoyung my exercise..
The first male doctor I visit stereo type my problem as being from over weight- sure it didn't help but lossing 176lbs or a whole person didn't cut it either..
This operation is a life saver.. Efter a tummy tuck less space to my insides I wet myself twice on the treadmill.. I didn't get much understanding from the people running this gym.. Life is much better with help to a weak bladder where exercises don't do jack..
The most incontient women can be helped as long as they can feel their muscles below the belt..

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5/9/10 10:05 A

Kegels: pull up on your pelvic floor muscles as if you're trying to stop the flow of pee.

CYGNATIUS Posts: 168
5/9/10 6:06 A

I'm sorry to tell you this but it sounds like you have a stress incontinence issue.
It is imperative for you to do the exercises and to do them correctly.
You can see your Gp/physician for a referral to a physiotherapist who specialises in continence issues.
The important thing is to be consistent with the exercises.

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5/9/10 6:00 A

Thanks, all, for the advices. I'll try the bathroom technique and Kegels, though it still baffles me on how to the Kegels correctly LOL.

5/8/10 3:33 P

Fitmom is right. Kegels are super! As we get older, and as many of us know, heavier, our muscles get weaker. When we work out, laugh, sneeze, our cough we sometimes have leakage. Kegels help to strengthen those muscles. You can do them anywhere and they really work.

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5/8/10 3:10 P

I have the same issue and think it's especially frequent for women. I make sure I use the bathroom right before starting my workout. Something also you can do are Kegel exercises, which are meant to strengthen the muscles "down there". You can search them on google to find out exactly how to do them.

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5/8/10 11:06 A

I make sure to use the bathroom right before I do cardio. It makes a difference.

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5/8/10 11:00 A

I wear an incontinence pad.

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5/8/10 10:55 A

I have the same issue & hate it...don't do jumping jacks & stick with spinning/walking instead...

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5/8/10 10:03 A

I love to do jumping rope and jumping jack. But unfortunately, everytime I try to do more vigorously, I always feel like I want to pee. It's quite annoying to have toilet breaks in middle of workouts. I have to make sure to not drink at more than a glass of water before and middle workouts. Worse situation, just enough water to wet my throat and it's not even a glass! So, end of workouts, I always drink water like a very dehydrated, thirsty camel. Has anyone encounter this problem and how to fix this? Oh, and fyi, I don't have this problem when I do other things like elliptical, marching, walking.

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