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5/17/13 7:17 P

If it was a heart issue, it would hurt on lower body exercises too.
Maybe it's from doing too much too soon, or from an imbalanced exercise routine. Chest exercises should be matched with an equal number of upper back exercise sets. Which specific exercises were you doing, and how many sets of each?

SBURDEN Posts: 10,805
5/17/13 1:09 P

Thanks for the great tips. The PT did a lot of work on the muscles between the ribs, which left me pretty sore. I am a natural "worrier" so I often massage the area, which I think also makes it worse. When I leave it alone myself, it gets better. I think I'm probably also making the problem linger a bit by doing that. I've not yet iced it and it seems to be more of a tissue/muscle issue now that i've ruled out breast health. They've not asked about hear issues but I've not noticed any other signs of problems, and I am aware of those from family. Hmmm maybe time will tell. This all did start a month ago during some heavier weight lifting. I think I need to back off, heal and stop worrying myself and making it worse! I appreciate all your tips!

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5/17/13 12:31 P

You might need a better fitting sports bra. If your breasts are loose, this might cause pulling on the pectorals. If your Physical Therapist or Personal Trainer asked you to rest I would switch out the upper body and go with the other areas. You have many body parts that you can work without strain on the pectorals. You might try exercising in a supine position which decreases the gravity against the upper body muscles. Rest can be interpreted as giving that part of your body a break to decrease the inflammation or injury. We use this acronym for acute injuries RICE or rest, icing, compression and elevation, Work other muscle groups avoiding the pecs, too late for icing unless you still have inflammation, switch to using heat, wear an adequate bra or tight sports bra to pull the chest in for compression, and sit or lay supine for your exercising. Once you do not feel pain go back to strenghten the pecs on a gradual basis.

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5/17/13 12:25 P

I've had that problem when I up my weights and do chest flys or bench presses. It usually only bothers me for about a day or so. I haven't had any pain with it on days where I didn't increase the weight, or at abnormal times, so if that's happening to you, I would definitely get it looked at!

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5/17/13 11:40 A

Did the doctors clear you for cardiac problems? You're not in a risk group, so I wouldn't worry too much, BUT heart trouble in women often shows up as pain in the arms and upper chest that feels like a muscle strain or fatigue. A lot of times doctors (especially men) don't pick up on that or don't even know that women's symptoms are different from men's. And that goes double for you because you're young and active; it just wouldn't occur to anyone to check your heart.

Think about it, and if it's happening at times when you wouldn't expect your muscles to be sore, ask the doctors for another evaluation with that in mind.

5/16/13 2:27 P

I suggest that when you are cleared to return to strength work that you adopt a full body and compound movement exercise programme. Muscles work in concert and the more muscles you recruit for each exercise the better the quality of your workout. Isolation exercises involving only small muscle groups have a high potential for injury since most do not active the accessory muscles.

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5/16/13 9:58 A

Yeah both doctors said the same thing so time will make the difference. My cardio consists of 1 10 mile run (day 1), eliptical (day 2), rest or short walk (day 3), run 3-5 (day 4), run 1-2 (day 5). There is some variation depending on if i'm meeting my calories burned or miles run per week goal, but that's generally how I do things. In terms of strength training I do a mix of arms, legs and abs (videos/demos on spark people).

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5/16/13 9:48 A

If your doctor told you to take it easy, then that's what I would do. However, when it stops hurting, I'd take it nice and easy and work on strengthening those pectoral muscles with some presses and pushups. What do you normally do for cardio?

SBURDEN Posts: 10,805
5/16/13 9:41 A

I recently developed aching in my pectoral muscles. It started after strength training and upping arm weights. The pain is annoying and under my arm and above my breasts. To be safe i had a breast exam (all clear) and I met with my PT and he suggested rest. Has any other women experienced this and do you have tips for me? I am holding off on arm weights for the time being. The pain has come and gone for a month. When i'm less active it doesn't bother me but when I do things run or lift something, that can irritate it more. I don't want to give up my cardio though! Any tips?

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