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5/13/14 1:34 P

Eating protein isn't going to do anything if you aren't working the muscles that you have. Things like push ups, bench press, yoga, are great for helping strengthen and build muscle in your chest and arms. You don't want to neglect strength training your lower body too.

Here is a very reasonable workout that you can start on that will work your upper and lower body.

5/13/14 1:28 P

I am pear shaped and building upper body muscle is great for two reasons. 1) it visually balances out my lower body 2) it is good for me and I feel stronger. You can't dictate where your body will burn fat from.

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5/13/14 12:54 A

So I've gone down another pant size which makes me happy but now my sternum is starting to show and it has me a little worried. I feel like the bones should have a protective coating of muscle or fat or whatever it is I lost and I'm not sure weight training will put that back on where it needs to go. Maybe I should try to eat more protein?

I've seen pictures online of people who lost weight and are trying to be "fit" and they have some of these bones (chest bones, ribs, sternum) showing and it doesn't look right to me. Sorry if I seem like I am overreacting, I'm just hoping someone will have some information about this.

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5/3/14 2:45 P

I am all about keeping that back firm! Almost anything you do that involves moving will get you there, but I can tell you my hubby of 28 years is liking the results from just a little yoga, a few chair squats and some moderate walking and biking. I mostly do just 5-10 min at a time. I'm slow, but I'm getting there! Plus, he said, he likes a woman with some back!

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5/3/14 11:23 A

A bit of "butt-spiration" from NIKE --

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5/3/14 11:03 A

You've heard the bad news--you can't spot reduce. The good news is that fat on your butt and thighs might actually be protective against diabetes and cardiovascular disease! (
d=9534982). At my leanest I still carried a lot of fat on my behind and I can add muscle to my lower body simply by looking at a squat rack for too long LOL

My advice is to own that backside! If you're genetically disposed towards a "big 'ole butt" spinning, squats and lunges probably won't make it any smaller but WILL make it firmer and shapelier so go for it. Building up your shoulders will give you a more balanced look if you're extremely pear shaped so you might want to put some effort in that department. Ask a friend about your back. It's probably not as "bony" as you think. I find swimming to be a great way to build your back and shoulders so that's also something you might want to consider.

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5/3/14 1:16 A

Thanks everyone for the advice. I have always had stronger legs and very weak arms, and I've never done strength training or anything like that, but I've always wished I had stronger arms for practical things like carrying heavy objects. I don't mind being rounder in my bottom half, but I don't want to be flabby either. And I don't like my new bony back, but I don't want it to look muscle-y. Then again if I do strength training I probably won't do anything too serious so hopefully the muscles won't stand out too much.

I have read that using heavier weights with fewer "reps" gives you leaner muscle (sorry if my verbage is wrong, I'm new to this) Maybe I will try that when I get the chance.

Are there exercises I can do specifically for my bony back?

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4/29/14 9:32 P

I tend toward pear shape but strength training and reducing my body fat really helped me.

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4/29/14 5:14 P

Do strength training for the upper body and make sure you are eating enough!

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4/27/14 5:15 P

Do strength training- for your upper body. I'm a pear shape too and I lost from my upper body first, leaving me kind of bony (just what every woman wants- a bony chest). I started out with modified pushups and worked up to a full upper body regimen. It really helped me look more balanced and less scrawny.

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4/27/14 4:41 P

We are the shape that we are. Unfortunately, we gain weight in certain parts first and somehow those are the last parts it comes off of.

Stay with it. You are doing great.

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4/27/14 3:19 P

You should definitely add strength training to your routine, but it won't really remove fat from certain areas. Strength training will reduce muscle loss (without it, as much as 25% of your weight loss can come from lean muscle tissue), and help you look and feel better.

But really, remember that you are your own worst critic. I guarantee that you don't look half as bad as you think you do. :) Be kind to yourself, wear close that fit you properly, and keep moving forward. This is just a stop on the journey, not the destination.

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4/27/14 11:09 A

I am built like you... I can't even pinch an inch anymore on my ribs, but I still have big thighs and hips. Lifting heavy weights is helping to make those slimmer and better-shaped, but I am pretty sure I will always carry my extra weight there. It's OK... it's feminine! emoticon

4/26/14 6:36 P

Everyone will chime in and say "You can't spot reduce." And it's true, we can't control where fat is removed from as we lose weight. Building up the underlying muscle does wonders for your shape though. I've been really pleased with how much better my legs look, even though I still have a ways to go on weight loss. I tend to be big around the waist, and even after losing 107 pounds I'm still proportionately a little larger there. But toning and firming muscles does wonders for the appearance for those problem areas.

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4/26/14 5:32 P

I have lost about 20 pounds from eating healthier and eating less since October of last year (with the help of the sparkpeople nutrition tracker). I lost 3 inches off my waist and 3 off my hips. I am about the same weight I was six years ago (before I started eating unhealthily) but the fat that's left is not as evenly distributed anymore. In a certain light my back looks creepy and bony and I can see my rib bones on my back. With my front I can see chest bones and a little of my ribs. But I still have a lot of fat stored in my bottom and thighs. It's like my body refuses to use the fat in my hips and keeps taking it from my ribs.

My questions: Is this unhealthy or normal? Would building some muscle help? I am wondering, if I stop trying to lose fat and instead try to build muscle in my thighs and bottom, will it look bad with the fat still on it?

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