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1/24/13 2:00 P

Almond milk can count as a dairy serving "if" it is fortified with calcium and vitamin D. Check the label, most are fortified.

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1/24/13 1:32 P

lol i know. I consider everythng that grows out of the ground a vegi. Now i know I'm wrong :) Thanks everyone for your advice :)

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1/24/13 1:23 P

I am vegan raw. I don't eat meat. I also don't do any kind of dairy. I get in plenty of protein from my nut butter (I make them myself) and my greens. Greens have a lot more protein than people think.

my veggies fill me up. Believe me, make a big enough salad with lots of veggies and you will be filled up. I only eat three times a day at the most. Every now and then I may throw in a snack of some cut up veggies or a piece of fruit. If I feel that i deserve it, i may have one of my raw cookies (made from nuts, seeds, and some sweetners such as maple syrup, honey, stevia, or nectars).

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1/24/13 1:16 P

1) Haha, peanut butter is definitely NOT a veggie. I would consider it a healthy fat (provided you get the least processed kind) and protein.

2) Since some brands of almond milk can have more calcium than dairy milk, I think you could consider a dairy serving, or better yet, a dairy alternative.

3) Eating a lot of food with fewer calories - veggies. Veggies veggies veggies!! Including, but not limited to bell peppers, carrots, celery, spinach, romaine lettuce, kale, cucumbers, broccoli; all good choices to fill you up with not a lot of calories but lots of nutrition.

4) I'm a vegetarian, and I get at least 75g of protein everyday without protein powder or protein bars. Some of my protein sources are eggs, egg whites, cheese, greek yogurt, beans, tempeh, brown rice, quinoa, oatmeal, 100% whole wheat bread, whole wheat pasta, almonds, peanut butter, etc. Consume at least 15g of protein every meal. Try new foods!

5) The best way to start eating healthy and not being hungry is limited processed foods, white bread, white pastas, basically foods with a high glycemic index (this is a great list. The lower the glycemic index, the less it effects your blood sugar, thus not making you hungry shortly after your meal/snack:
) and again, eat lots of veggies and fruit! But make sure you eat enough protein.

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1/24/13 12:57 P

WOW!!! lol.... peanut butter I'm pretty sure has never been considered a veggie but the fat and protein it is. A healthy fat at that.

I don't think Almond milk can be actually counted as dairy but it may be possible. It's just not from a cow and that's what dairy means. But if you prefer almond milk like I do (vanilla) then go for it. They even have the kind with more protein in it.

The best way to eat a lot of food without a lot of calories is veggies veggies veggies and fruits fruits fruits.

You can get the vitamins and proteins from eating beans and other things like quinoa.

The best way to start trying to eat the recommended calories and not be hungry.... if you're eating the recommended cals you shouldn't BE hungry. But try adding more veggies if you do get the munchies. Like carrot sticks and hummus or celery and peanut butter!!

Hope that helps!!!

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1/24/13 12:51 P

What does peanut butter count as, a vegi, fat, protein all of the above? Can almond milk count as dairy serving? What's the best way to eat a lot of food with just a little calories? How can you get enough vitamins and protein if you plain don't like meat? What"s the best way to start trying to eat the recommended calories and NOT be hungry?

Love Sparkpeople BTW

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