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MISSNUSS Posts: 120
9/12/12 11:03 P

Thanks y'all. It helps.

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LIMONADE34 Posts: 925
9/11/12 11:10 A

Peanut butter is fine; just make sure you are watching your serving size (measure out the PB and jelly/fluff/etc. when making the sandwich, don't just glob it on). Can you bring fruit or veggies with you to supplement the sandwich? Apple, banana, orange, carrots, peppers...

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9/11/12 6:44 A

Try pb and sliced banana. it will sit for a while fine. and it is a whole fruit, therefor none of the (tons) of added sugar from jam. keeps me full for a long time. Sometimes i put cocoa nibs on there too for a chocolate kick!

BUBBLEJ1 Posts: 2,981
9/11/12 2:02 A

A peanut butter sandwich has protein, fat and carbs, so it will keep you full. As long as it fits in your calorie range there won't be a problem. I lost about 15 pounds while having peanut butter on toast every single morning for breakfast. It fit into my calories, so I was fine!


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9/10/12 9:58 P

As long as you stay in your calorie range, you're not going to "balloon" 10 pounds in a month. Food isn't fattening. Too MUCH food is fattening.

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NFLATTE Posts: 8,975
9/10/12 8:59 P

Look for the brand "Better 'n Peanut Butter"...It's peanut, not soy, and tastes pretty good!

9/10/12 8:43 P

Yes, you could have a healthy diet including the peanut butter sandwich you describe. It all depends on the rest of your food choices for the day, for the week, for the month.

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MISSNUSS Posts: 120
9/10/12 7:25 P

Hi! I have a small problem. I am a student and a pilot, so in between classes I go to the airport and fly (not as a job, getting a commercial rating). I eat a pb sandwich just about everyday. Yes, I use either whole wheat bread or 445 cal bread, normal pb with no sugar/palm oil. ect. and I will mix it up between all fruit jam or marshmallow fluff (hey, I have a sweet tooth). About once a week I might have caramel almond spread. Anyway, does anyone see a problem? I dont want to balloon 10 pounds in a month. I have been doing this about three weeks, and I dont think I see any changes in how my cloths fit. The scale at the gym is broken, so I dont use it. If there are any suggestions (please, suggest away) my limitations are A) has to sit for a while B) I cant go out and buy food necessarily. Choppers are not free C) no meat. Not a veggitarian, but the meat is usually rotten here at school

Friends help you find dates. SAR friends help you find bodies.

Trauma Junkie: It's not that I want you to get hurt, I just want to be there when you do.
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