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4/19/12 3:10 P

If it fits in to your goals, it's fine and dandy!
You can even try using it with some fruit or veggies sometimes instead of the bread to get in more veggies if you need them. Yum!

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4/19/12 2:11 P

I think I would die if I couldn't eat peanut butter every day. I used to barely eat it, and now it seems like I can't get enough of it. I love it with carrots or an apple. Yummmmm. But yes, definitely measure it out and make sure it falls in your plan for the day because it adds up fast!

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4/19/12 1:51 P

If it falls within your recommended ranges it's fine!

BUGLUVR82 Posts: 28
4/19/12 10:34 A

have you tried better than peanut butter (its called something like that). its in the peanut butter aisle. It tastes different but has a lot less fat. You could even mix it with your natural peanut butter.

But I wouldn't sweat it. Peanut butter esp the natural kind is good for you :-D enjoy

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4/19/12 10:08 A

Sure. :) Peanut butter's a very healthy food. AS long as it's in your calorie range, there's no reason you can't eat it every day!

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4/19/12 9:17 A

Is it ok to eat peanut butter everyday?

I keep within all of my spark determined levels for protein, carbs, fat, etc.

I use the natural peanut butter.

My all time favorite dinner after I've gone for my run ( between 3.2 and 5.2) or my last chance workout... which includes the above plus some trail runs/walks that total up to 12 miles...

Natural Peanut Butter (2 tbls)(5 ww pts)
Apricot SF Jam (1 svg)(0 ww pts.)
Wonder Wheat (two pieces for 2 ww pts)
Special K Chips (27 chips, 1 svg.)(3 ww pts.)

Total 10 ww pts.

( I also like to eat cabbage casserole.... lol also a favorite!)

So, I gotta know, will eating this cause me a problem? Or, can I just eat and enjoy! I know, after my running and trail blazing, I certainly earned it! :-)


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