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MYCUTEGIZMO Posts: 3,845
3/1/11 2:08 P

I can totally eat like a few with one slice of toast..sometimes I get too.."" and just take more than it is supposed to be..

FEED_ME_SHOES SparkPoints: (112,942)
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Posts: 1,342
8/30/10 9:57 P

Definitely measure it. Its amazing just how small one tablespoon of peanut butter actually is. Before i started measuring it, i was always overestimating.

Another tip, i think it was mentioned before if you have peanut butter in the day, swop your almond snack for something else maybe a protein or something. This is what i tend to do.

JUHOEG SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 1,384
8/30/10 8:05 P

no-eat one tablsspoon every day

NIKKI_28 Posts: 687
8/30/10 2:31 P

Thanks everyone for a great discussion! I do keep it to 1 tablespoon instead of 2, but eyeball it. I'll measure from now on. Also having been keeping track in MyNutrition regularly and will think about that as well. Thanks again!

8/28/10 10:14 A

If you're staying within your calorie range, PB will not make you gain weight. But if you're not tracking, it could be a problem, as it's a very calorie-dense food. I eat almond butter almost every day, but I measure it and keep it down to 1 tablespoon per day.

COTTRELL11 Posts: 1,552
8/27/10 11:08 P

I agree with the other posts. I always measure out my exact amount, which for me is 1 tablespoon. It amazes me how satisfying that much is. Then I make sure to put it in my nutrition tracker. It just adds right up with the rest of the calories.

ANARIE Posts: 13,160
8/27/10 7:53 P

It looks as if you haven't been tracking your food regularly. Chances are that you have been eating the peanut butter *on top of* the calories you normally eat. That's at least 180 additional calories per day, IF you've been measuring out your 2 TBS very carefully. So, yes, that could make you gain weight. And if you're eyeballing it, it's highly probable that you're eating two or even three times more than you think. A tablespoon of peanut butter doesn't look like much. Personally, I have to weigh it. If I use a spoon to measure, I almost always "fudge it" a little. So I make myself put the bread on the digital scale, tare it out, spread the pb and weigh it by the gram. That way there's no "cheating." Fifteen grams is 15 grams. (And it also saves me washing the spoon!)

If you measure carefully and count it into your daily calorie allotment, peanut butter is a good contributor to a healthy diet. But it's calorie dense and it's incredibly easy to misjudge portions, so you really do have to watch it.

RENIDAY1 SparkPoints: (16,111)
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Posts: 516
8/27/10 7:26 P

I am sooooo bad...I eat it by the spoonful. I use a tiny spoon and have a few...licking slowly. I have not had a problem losing weight.....

SARACKEL Posts: 44
8/27/10 7:12 P

I actually have two tablespoons in a typical day, but only of the natural kind (i'm careful to choose the ones that only list peanuts as the ingredients as some claim to be "natural style" but have all sorts of things in them, including hydrogenated oils).

As long as you stay in your range for fat intake I don't see it as being a problem..are you measuring out your tablespoons?

Also, I would suggest maybe chossing between nuts and peanut butter for the day as both are very calorie-dense...maybe you could alternate the two emoticon

Best of luck!!

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,065
8/27/10 3:46 P

Do you measure out a serving or do you eyeball your serving?

I eat peanut butter and nut butters, but I measure out my servings. I haven't had trouble losing weight.

8/27/10 2:36 P

I heart PB so much that I'll ONLY eat it if I measure out an EXACT serving!! Its too easy for me to get a spoon and go to town lol. It can be very high in sodium if you get a brand thats over-processed. Some are higher in fat than others, and I never eat the kind w/ partially hydrogenated oil. I think nuts/nut butters are a double edged sword, in that they can be super-good for you, but they also pack a lot of fat/calories in a very small amount, so you must be careful.

The only foods I avoid are heavily processed foods, and ones that contain partially hydrogenated oils, trans fats, or High Fructose Corn Syrup. Otherwise, I consider life too short for a trip to the grocery store to resemble a horror movie!

SKINNYJWO10 Posts: 511
8/27/10 2:33 P

I never had a problem with PB and ate ONE tablespoon a few times per week but if you are eating lots of it daily then YES of course that could be what you're seeing on your butt! lol

BTW guess what they feed children/adults in underdeveloped nations who are suffering from malnourishment?..thats right PEANUT BUTTER! It's the quickest way to pack on the pounds. but everything is moderation is the key! :)

FEED_ME_SHOES SparkPoints: (112,942)
Fitness Minutes: (22,545)
Posts: 1,342
8/27/10 2:18 P

How much peanut butter and nuts are you having daily?

Whats your calorie intake like, are you going over your SP recommendad range for calories or fat?

I would only consider it an avoid food, if you can control yourself around it. However if you can fit it into your daily ranges then you have no problem.

CRISSYCURRY Posts: 2,020
8/27/10 1:56 P

I eat peanut butter every day for breakfast (with my wheat toast) and haven't had any problems losing weight. However, I eat only 1 tbsp per day. Sometimes I will another tbsp as a treat but I make sure to count it as part of my calories.

GRACIESMOM70 Posts: 1,345
8/27/10 1:29 P

Peanut Butter is OK depending on how much you eat. I LOVE PB and therefore have to be careful. If I start eating sometimes I can't stop.

MARINASHU SparkPoints: (24,138)
Fitness Minutes: (21,680)
Posts: 1,441
8/27/10 1:21 P

There is no one food that will make you gain weight. What makes you gain weight is the combination of foods you eat. Nuts and nut butters are very high in calories, fats, and sometimes sodium, so if you're not tracking your daily calories it could be very easy for the COMBINATION of nuts and the rest of the foods you eat to add up to too many calories.

Having over the daily recommended amount of sodium can also cause you to retain water weight.

So be sure you're tracking your calories, fats, and sodium every day. If you can eat nuts every day and stay in your ranges, more power to you--nuts are a great source of healthy fats and protein. But you may find that you need to trade off some other foods if you want to keep eating lots of nuts every day.

NIKKI_28 Posts: 687
8/27/10 1:16 P

I love nuts and natural Peanut Butter and for the last month have had apple slices and PB almost daily, along with raw almonds in the AM w/ my coffee. But I wonder...I'm up in weight and thinking...does PB make you gain if you eat it every day? Does anyone consider it an avoid food? Should we eat it in balance, a few times a week, instead of every day. I swear it's gone right to my rear end...

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