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BARBZUMBA SparkPoints: (14,095)
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Posts: 20,039
5/11/14 1:30 A

Have more compassion for the developmentally disabled, and stop using the "R" word.

DEWAND1 Posts: 876
5/10/14 5:37 P

Hold the door open for people; let them go in front of me in the grocery store line, tell someone if I like their outfit (I have to really like it); try to answer the phone at work with a SMILE

EBONYSOL Posts: 2,384
5/10/14 8:01 A

Pay for the person behind me in the Tim Horton's drive thru.
Give hugs and talk to an elderly lady(Mary) at the nursing home where my mom resides. I have not seen anyone visit her.

SHOOTINGSTAR12 SparkPoints: (30,873)
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Posts: 1,351
5/10/14 6:51 A

Giving a bag of food to the homeless shelter

ONESPOTLEFT SparkPoints: (123,311)
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Posts: 3,340
5/9/14 3:58 P

I let soldiers in front of me at the store because I appreciate their service to the country

RIET69 SparkPoints: (47,087)
Fitness Minutes: (11,285)
Posts: 3,116
5/9/14 11:48 A

If I have the chance (and I look for opportunities) to let someone turn into traffic ahead of me. The route I take to work and home again is a busy street with many businesses where people try to get in or out. I always smile when I have the opportunity to do that.

DOTTIEJANE1 SparkPoints: (186,424)
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Posts: 5,796
5/9/14 8:57 A

volunteer at a preschool , assist people whenever I can in my daily going ons.

5/9/14 8:28 A

It doesn't sound like much but I help people in the grocery store look for items they cannot find.

Sometimes you have to go over the shelves half a dozen times before you finally "see" what you're looking for. I also *snag* tall people and ask for help with items on the top shelves since I am vertically challenged.

What a better place to live when we are willing to help each other. In the pet food isle I tell people if my dog(s) like a food or not. Money is tight for all of us. I found that my dog(s) like the Ol Roy Barkin Bacon which is almost half the price of Beggin Strips.

Sometimes just smiling at someone does a lot! Yours might be the only smile *someone* sees all week!

JIACOLO SparkPoints: (532,474)
Fitness Minutes: (219,090)
Posts: 28,880
5/8/14 11:07 P

In my early teens I found myself in need of help. People helped me get a job and helped me finish school. Because of the kindness of others, many who were strangers, I have spent my life paying it forward. I volunteer for several organizations, donate when I can to a variety of charities, and show others that kindness is a great way to live.

5/8/14 10:52 P

I let other people go in front of me on the line.

JAMIEBOYD328 SparkPoints: (9,077)
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Posts: 293
5/8/14 10:42 P

Sometimes when my husband and I go out to eat we'll pick a random couple and pay for their meal

LIFENPROGRESS SparkPoints: (114,733)
Fitness Minutes: (18,343)
Posts: 4,275
5/7/14 7:30 P

My husband and I love to pay for soldiers meals whenever we can. emoticon

5/7/14 4:34 P

One of my favorite ways to pay it forward is to give poor people things they can't get on food stamps like:

Toothpaste, deodorant, aspirin, shampoo, hand soap, toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, feminine products, incontinence pads, cleaning supplies, garbage bags, laundry detergent, dish detergent, moisturizer, first aid supplies, etc.

I was astounded when I found out that things like toilet paper and feminine hygiene products and toothpaste can't be bought on food stamps and I consider some things like those and shampoo and deodorant a downright necessity.

Can you imagine trying to go to a job interview or to clean your house or do anything without those types of things?

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KASSANDRA55 Posts: 114
5/7/14 2:07 P

I have money with the pharmacist to help uninsured people get their medication. I did that witnessing several elderly people be told that their prescription co pay was $5 and they had only 4 or 3. I trust my pharmacist to use it for those in need. It is something that I think we all could do. Pharmacists often pay for peoples prescriptions out of their own pocket. I have given rides to people and given away many craft supplies.

Whenever someone asks what they owe me for whatever I have done I just tell them to pay it forward. Even a smile can be paid forward!

FCHRISTIAN14 SparkPoints: (3,925)
Fitness Minutes: (1,927)
Posts: 16
5/7/14 1:40 P

At the beginning of the year my husband and I started a "box of acts" at our house, I wrapped an old shoe box in gift paper and cut a slit in the top. Everytime we do a random act of kindness we write it on a note card and put it in. At the end of the year we will look through and see what we've done. So far we have: bought someone's coffee, left a quarter in the cart at a store where you have to use a quarter to use a cart, my husband has helped a woman load an old heavy couch onto a moving truck. I can't remember everything we've done and I am excited to look back in December and see. One of my favorites was my little boy. He isn't even two years old yet so some acts are hard for him to help with, but a couple of months ago he was riding in the cart as we were leaving a store, an older man was sitting on a bench by the door alone and just kind of looking down (not sad but not happy either) and my son started waving frantically and smiling at the man to tell him hi. It lit up the man's face. Just goes to show you, no act too small can make someone's day

GRIZ1GIRL SparkPoints: (190,366)
Fitness Minutes: (249,110)
Posts: 2,243
5/7/14 1:18 P

Volunteering at my kids' school & helping kids who struggle with their reading makes me feel great! I love watching the light bulb click on for the future generation!

JLAMING263 Posts: 4,706
5/7/14 11:02 A

I help on a move. Carrying boxes and furniture, and cleaning is what I hate most about moving. I help others, so, in the hopes that others will get the help they need... emoticon

WOLFTORTOISE SparkPoints: (21,079)
Fitness Minutes: (3,105)
Posts: 350
5/7/14 10:56 A

Occasionally, I will pay for the order of a person in line behind me when I get coffee. Hopefully, it puts a smile on their face, they will tell someone what was done for them, and plant the seed of doing something unexpected for someone else.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,277
5/6/14 11:53 P

I would do something nice for someone else. Strangers friends or family. It is nice to pay it forward.

REDGIRL54 Posts: 255
5/6/14 11:29 P

Paying it forward is something that our family likes to do. We live in a retirement community. Many of our neighbors are older and/or alone. Just a 5 minute visit to a lonely neighbor can make a huge difference in their day. Take time to be friendly. Share a smile and you will get one back in return.


BLUENOSE63 SparkPoints: (108,021)
Fitness Minutes: (82,255)
Posts: 2,954
5/6/14 10:05 P

I am a huge believer in paying it forward and have done so all my life!

5/6/14 9:55 P

Pay it forward is not overly difficult. As a teacher who kept many things on hand, I became the portable Walmart. Helping a fellow teacher who wore a cast do her grades and some paperwork, was common. Helping others when I shop, etc. These things generate good will and people notice. Help comes back from various sources and in various ways. For me it's just following the example set by the savior and doing service whenever I can. Blessings come from the tender mercies prompted from above by the action of others giving service themselves.

FITWITHIN Posts: 25,269
5/6/14 9:06 P

Yes, I done and still do this from time to time. I remember one time when I was in a store and brother and sister was at the register. I can see how excited about his items on the counter, but after ringing up everything he realized he didn't have enough money. Between the two of them they were trying to decide what to put back. I paid for everything on the counter. He turned around with such a disbelief, but thankful look on his face. He couldn't been more then 6 and his sister about 9.

EMPRESSAMQ Posts: 5,077
5/6/14 8:47 P

I've had this kind of thing happen to me again and again in my life and sometimes think angels are watching over me.

Paying it forward? I just try to help others when I can.

UMBILICAL Posts: 12,786
5/6/14 8:03 P

random act of kindness

--MEOW-- Posts: 4,354
5/6/14 7:47 P

It can be hard :( ...

XHUNTERX Posts: 974
5/6/14 6:43 P

If Danny can do it, anyone can do it.

PICKIE98 SparkPoints: (525,616)
Fitness Minutes: (278,348)
Posts: 44,582
5/6/14 4:23 P

I have had men stop to help me when I was young, thin and in broad daylight with cars whizzing by. I no longer physically, can change my tire, have road service, BUT if anybody helped me like that, I would pass it on..I always tell people to pass it on.. Open their door, pull out a chair,etc. Smiling helps...

SATCHMO99 Posts: 78
5/6/14 4:08 P

I know how to change a tyre, but if the wheel has been put on by a garage using a power tool it's impossible to remove, I simply don't have the strength.

Pay it Forward whenever you can, for no other reason than the fact that you can.

Thank God for whenever you are the recipient of a PIF act.

KRISB1225 SparkPoints: (56,925)
Fitness Minutes: (32,418)
Posts: 1,069
5/6/14 3:20 P

Actually I know how to change a tire on a 1992 Dodge Shadow. But on a 2004 Volvo S60 totally lost. My bad. I agree. I have never seen a jack like that. TOTALLY CONFUSED

XHUNTERX Posts: 974
5/6/14 3:07 P

Women should LEARN to change a flat tire instead of just expecting men to help them.

--MEOW-- Posts: 4,354
5/6/14 1:50 P

I saw a girl asking for help once and I stopped but I just got robbed :-/
And once I tried to help some street kids that supposedly needed a ride and one of them bit my ear !! like wth....?

I'm not so eager to help people anymore... honestly, most of the times I prefer helping stray dogs emoticon

HTAMALE Posts: 109
5/6/14 1:46 P

That's a great story. What a nice guy! I try to help whenever I can. Last winter I saw a car slide off the road into the gutter. The driver was a long haired, pierced, tattooed, ruff looking guy but I stopped and pulled him out. I've never forgotten the surprised look on his face that me (an old lady) stopped to help him. I still get a kick out of that memory.

My husband helped a lady change her tire and it turned out she and her husband live up the street from us. They've never forgotten and always smile and wave whenever they see us.

I think it's always nice to help whenever possible.

SHERYLDS Posts: 17,286
5/6/14 1:25 P

sometimes I think we act kinder to strangers than to those closest to us
and I think PAYING FORWARD has a greater impact when you treat your family and co-workers with that extra care. IMHO How those with the constant interaction in your daily life have a deeper impact than a person you may never see again.

5/6/14 12:33 P

These are great stories. I am a habitual forward payer of good tips or little things others share with me. For example, an acquaintance turned me on to a great lip balm for harsh winters several years ago. Every winter since I try to make I put a tube in every woman's hands I work with if they don't have one already.

KRISB1225 SparkPoints: (56,925)
Fitness Minutes: (32,418)
Posts: 1,069
5/6/14 9:27 A

Everyone has great ideas. One follow up. As the gentleman and I were talking as he changed my tire, I found out that the Restaurant that me and my husband work at is his wife's favorite restaurant to get carry out from for her work place. I told him that the next time he takes his wife out for dinner he should come to our place and his whole meal is on us. The owners even are footing the bill since I was actually doing restaurant work when the flat tire occured.

Later the same day I received a very large tip from a customer at the restaurant. That night my husband and I went out for drinks after work. I left that very large tip for our bartender. She asked what is this for? I said...Just because. emoticon

JO88BAKO SparkPoints: (308,639)
Fitness Minutes: (168,732)
Posts: 15,713
5/5/14 11:32 P

There are really good people in this world. We had a couple of men help us when we had car trouble in the mountains of Tennessee last week. Volunteering and helping others is what we should do.

JANIEWWJD SparkPoints: (544,609)
Fitness Minutes: (338,807)
Posts: 15,212
5/5/14 11:20 P

I have taken people with no cars to doctor's appointments, grocery shopping, etc. !!! We all need to help each other!!!

LOVEXAVIE SparkPoints: (42,668)
Fitness Minutes: (48,071)
Posts: 2,447
5/5/14 7:27 P


What a great story. Thanks for sharing it.
To honor the good Samaritan's request, I would do a few good deeds as you see fit, when they come up. It will be fun as you will "be on the look-out" for things to do.

For future, you could tuck a couple gift cards (Starbucks, Target, grocier, gas card, McD's or similar) in your wallet. These could be used as a thank you or even as the good deed itself.

Thanks for the day brightener!

5/5/14 3:12 P

Great story, KRISB1225. People like that restore your faith in humanity. Maybe you won't be able to pay it forward by fixing a tire, but you'll find a way. Some people take what isn't theirs, some people expect to be repaid exactly what they put in, and some people give more than they get in life. I always hope to be the third type.

TINA8605 SparkPoints: (99,668)
Fitness Minutes: (12,395)
Posts: 1,764
5/5/14 2:22 P

I like to give rides to people I see walking in the rain or people that are disabled standing at the bus stop. I remember these days. So its personal.

ANDILH Posts: 1,543
5/5/14 2:21 P

I have to admit that it's doubtful I would ever stop my car to help someone. A friend stopped to help a woman change a tire and was robbed at gunpoint then beaten up for his trouble by two guys hiding in the car. I realize that most of the people pulled over on the side of the road are not criminals or looking to hurt someone, but now that isn't a chance I'm willing to take.
I pay it forward whenever I can. I act as an advocate and attend IEP meetings for families fairly often to ensure their children get the proper services at school. I watch many children, some for free if I know their families legitimately can't pay. I do lots of little things for people that don't take a lot of my time, but can sometimes mean the world to someone else.
Paying it forward is best done when it's not expected. Finding little moments when you can do something nice for another person just because you can makes both the giver and receiver feel good.

DOOBIE893 SparkPoints: (63,576)
Fitness Minutes: (12,392)
Posts: 7,048
5/5/14 2:19 P

I would pay it forward by doing an act of kindness to someone who is not able to pay me back. As someone said earlier, you reap what you sow. My theory is 'do unto others as you would have others do unto you.'

Thank you for sharing.

Edited by: DOOBIE893 at: 5/5/2014 (14:19)
FORTYPLUS56 Posts: 3,197
5/5/14 2:13 P

I gave gift certificates along with a card to all the secretary's on our unit in the hospital for Administrative Professional's Week. I never expected to receive anything. Needless to say I received many surprise gifts.

This is unusual because we don't normally exchange gifts for Administrative Professional's Week.

5/5/14 2:07 P

I have had nice males pull over every time I broke down and I do pay it forward, just not exactly in the same way, because I do not have that skill set, and because as a woman, it sometimes is dangerous and we have to use wisdom.

I have paid for people's cars to be towed and I have paid for people's cars to be repaired and, twice, I have helped a poor person buy a cheap car, and have given gas cards.

There are so many people in need in so many ways, so paying it forward could be an endless list of things.

Edited by: FRESHBEGINNINGS at: 5/5/2014 (14:12)
ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (194,549)
Fitness Minutes: (289,963)
Posts: 26,851
5/5/14 1:38 P

I'd say the nice guy has already told you what he'd like. He'd like it if your hubby were to do something similar if he ever saw another driver stuck by the side of the road with a flat.

How would I pay it forward ? If I saw someone with a flat fully knowing that another person had helped me, I would help that person change their tire.

If you don't want your husband to be obligated, then you should ask him to teach you how to change a flat. This way, if you see someone who needs help, you can reach out exactly the same way that nice guy did.

When I was taking a CPR class, one of the questions the teacher asked is why don't people want to help when someone is in distress. Some of the answers included, being afraid to do something wrong and making the situation worse, being afraid that the person might sue you, being afraid they might "catch" some disease, assuming someone else was helping.

Why didn't they at least say good morning ?

If you were ticked off about the flat, I'm sure a lot of people wouldn't have said hello if they thought you might bite their head off and say what's so good about today as a reply. I've had that happen to me before.

Someone did something nice for you, when you see someone in distress, you should help them in some way. Then you tell that person to pay it forward.

GENRE009 SparkPoints: (33,647)
Fitness Minutes: (15,287)
Posts: 4,367
5/5/14 11:28 A

Gotta smile, give a smile.

Open doors for older people. Or pay the change at the grocery stores when they don't have the change. Volunteer to drive them to the doctors, or deliver foods to the needy. Visit people in hospitals. Read the bible to the elderly.

RIVETPA Posts: 1,177
5/5/14 11:21 A

I would also be the type to stop and help a stranger like that.
to Pay it Forward though - do a random good deed for another stranger somewhere

CAMEOSUN SparkPoints: (86,617)
Fitness Minutes: (5,698)
Posts: 10,426
5/5/14 11:18 A

What a great guy. He will be blessed as we all reap what we sow in life.

KRISB1225 SparkPoints: (56,925)
Fitness Minutes: (32,418)
Posts: 1,069
5/5/14 8:58 A

Yesterday I got a flat tire running errands around town. I called my husband who was at work to help me and he could not get away. He said to call our neighbor who has a tow truck. When I called, he told me he was out of town but he would call his dad who is our Mechanic. As I sat a waited for my Mechanic, I watched several cars drive right past me. I had two women that there walking their dogs walk right by me without even a "Good Morning". I was becoming very discouraged with humanity at this point. I was mad at myself that I didn't know how to use the jack that was in my car, angry with my huband (I got over that one), and mad at the pothole (sink hole) that ate my tire. Suddenly a car pulled up with a nice man who asked if I needed help. He instantly jumped out of his car and started changing my tire. Once my spare was on he started to lower my car and stated that I should get some air in the spare. Just then we both realized my spare was also flat. We laughed. He removed my tire and said, " I live just around the corner. I will got put some air in your tire. I will be right back"

10 Minutes later he as back with my tire. I asked what I could do for him. He just laughed and said, tell my husband he needs to stop the next time he sees a woman stranded on the side of the road to see if she needs help. He just hoped that someone will do this for his wife or daughter it happens to them.

So I just say to everyone today. Pay it forward. This was an amazing thing that happened to me. I just hope I can repay this man sometime soon.

What would you do? Or what have you done that pays it forward.

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