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LESLEY444 Posts: 220
11/29/10 5:17 P

19 year old twins are in Moscow at U of I now. Makes eating easier. I don't short order cook either although everyone gets one thing that they never have to eat. When the kids are home for holidays, like last week, I cook and bakes for them. I have to have lots of will power. When they are home for summers, with their friends eating at our house, well there is usually not enough food for their Dad and I any way. :-)
Also, I am a teacher and I always have healthy and not so healthy snacks for my students. I just don't eat them!!!

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11/29/10 4:49 P

Mine are in their 20s now, and out on their own.

when they were teens, we all ate the same foods. (I refuse to be a short order cook and prepare multiple meals....)
They just ate a different amount than I did.

If it is healthy and good for you, it is healthy and good for them!

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11/29/10 2:09 P

Anyone have teens who eat constantly (and are thin) while you are dieting?
What do you feed your teen and yourself?

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