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5/9/14 3:04 P

I've noticed there are a few new vegan paleo cookbooks out now, but I haven't seem them.

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5/9/14 2:38 P

Neither lentils nor quinoa are grains (and lentils are not legumes). This is one of the things that bothers me about Paleo, to be honest, at least as a dietary philosophy translated through people on the internet: much of the agricultural and anthropological and botanical justification for it is incredibly inaccurate. If someone's pushing people not to eat quinoa, say, because grains are bad because of X,Y,Z, and quinoa's a grain, so quinoa is bad ... well. I have issues with that logic chain. Maybe the source material is better in that regard.

As a way of eating -- have meat, eggs, fat, fruit and vegetables; avoid everything else -- it's pretty cool, my personal environmental issues with large-scale meat consumption aside.

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5/9/14 1:52 P

Strict Paleo does not allow any grains - no lentils, quinoa, etc. However, some people do consume small amounts of them along with some dairy as long as they don't exhibit any sensitivities to them. For me, I have learned that I don't digest grains or dairy well (they bloat me) so I have been avoiding them totally since about mid-February and I finally have a fairly flat stomach and my clothes, especially my jeans, are fitting so much better!

RENATARUNS SparkPoints: (4,367)
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5/9/14 12:20 P

I agree that those two ways of eating are not particularly compatible. Does paleo even "allow" grains at all? Never mind the modern ones. Does it allow pulses (lentils)? Quinoa? You could probably scrape together an acceptable (and acceptably varied) vegan diet with quinoa as a whole protein and lentils/ancient grains as complementary ones -- plus veggies, seeds, nuts, and stuff like nutritional yeast -- but without any of those things? No. You'd never get remotely enough protein or a workable balance of amino acids without going way, way overboard on your total calories.

Regardless -- and while you figure out that issue for yourself -- if your main goal right now is just to increase your intake and variety of plant-based foods, you can likely get infinite amounts of ideas by just hitting up google for recipes for either vegan OR paleo. Seriously, there are so many. But if you find yourself not eating any or much in the way of grains and legumes/pulses, then don't give up your meat/eggs. And if you find you're not eating any meat/eggs to speak of, don't give up the other things. The result will be malnutrition and poor health.

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5/9/14 11:03 A

I agree with Misssvjs. If you to add more variety of vegetables to your Paleo eating, then I would suggest looking at vegan cookbooks and modify them to make them Paleo. If you are thinking of adding some Paleo to your vegan lifestyle, then I would suggest you read about Paleo and then modify some vegan recipes from that point.

In summary....look at some vegan cookbooks.

I am not a Paleo eater, but I agree that it is really going to be very hard to get enough protein and especially enough well-rounded protein to eat vegan AND Paleo. No legumes (Paleo)? No meat, no cheese (vegan). No modern grains (Paleo)? Good luck with that!

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5/9/14 9:28 A

I follow a Paleo lifestyle and I think you are going to find it very difficult to do Paleo and vegan at the same time. True Paleo includes quite a bit of animal protein and does not include any legumes which is where most vegans get the bulk of their protein and I doubt you can eat enough seeds and nuts to get the amount of protein in your diet that you need. I can offer several suggestions for Paleo websites and cookbooks but they all include recipes using meat and other animal protein.

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5/9/14 5:39 A

The link below will take you to Dr Gourmet - a website based on healthy nutrition, and that has fantastic recipes. The link will take you to the Vegetarian Mains:

I hope that this is what you are after!


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5/9/14 12:51 A

Favorite cookbooks, websites or recipes?
Trying to expand my experience with plant based cooking. Thanks for any tips or resources =)

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