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7/23/12 11:09 P

Okay, jumping right into running after walking for that long is a recipe for injury. :) Running is a different exercise than walking, for all it uses the same muscles. It's much more high impact, and you have to prepare your body.

AFTER you're all healed up (no pain!) you need to do two things:

1) Invest in good, properly fitted running shoes. If at all possible, go to a specialty running store for a proper fitting. It will make all the difference, and has made people who thought they couldn't run able to again. (Me!)

2) STart a training program, like couch to 5k, or the Sparkpeople 5k Your Way training programs. You can't just start running and expect it to succeed! You have to build up the strength and endurance for it.

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7/23/12 11:03 P

"Easier said than done," but the best advice around.


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7/23/12 10:56 P

More people need to take that advice. Take it slow and easy and only increase intensity as you get stronger and feel able. When anything seems wrong, take your time and listen to your body. The more you workout, the better you are able to figure out some of the things that can go wrong. When I first started out, I got minor shin splints, but they were minor enough that I was able to just RICE them a day and get back on track the next day. Even now things come up. I think I walked too much the other day when out shopping(silly thing). I felt a bit of pain in the back of my right knee. Kinda like an over extension feel. Today I actually looked at the back of my knee with mirror and saw there was actually some black and blue going on. But it was minor and after my warmup, my jog went fine and my squats in ST was fine too. So just take your time and keep your faith.

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7/23/12 8:47 P


Shin splints generally occur in the lower part of your leg along the shin (tibia). It sounds to me like you are trying to do too much too soon. While I am not in a position to diagnose a running injury, whenever one experiences an injury it's best to stay away from running until you are pain free for a week or two. If you are not feeling any better, than you may want to see your doctor.

You cannot rush the process to becoming a runner. While your cardio-respiratory system is quick to adapt, it can take as long as a solid year of consistent running for your muscles, bones and connective tissues to adapt.

Take care...RICE that knee (REST, ICE, COMPRESSION and ELEVATE) and see your doc if you don't get any relief soon.

Coach Nancy

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7/23/12 8:42 P

So aftr walking 2-3 miles, 3 das a week, I thought I'd try and run. Ran half a block, then walked, repeated. Only lasted 10 min the first time, 20 min the 2nd time, but after I have a pain in my leg that's keeping me from trying again. Its on the inside, right below my knee. Shin splint? It really hurts going up and down stairs, and it hurts just sitting. Walking doesn't bother me.
Any ideas, anyone? I really want to get out again. Its been 5 days and still hurts.


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