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9/27/11 12:17 P

I don't have that either and have somehow been sent into some Spark 5 abyss, even though I just was notified I went from stage 3 to stage 4. Is it possible there is a bug?

What information am I going to lose if I have to now go in and reset this? I am seriously frustrated both from being on a plateau in spite of exercising my butt off and now seeing I am somehow in stage 5 when I have about 100 pounds to lose.

Am I allowed to open a second account so that I don't lose info I want to keep from my original account?

Edit: I see this in account preferences:
Delete all your goals and results. You will keep your favorites and food groupings, but all goals and anything you have tracked will be removed. (Some people find this helpful for reading their reports if they have tracked inconsistently in the past.)

What will I lose specifically? All my weight and measurement trackings? Past exercise tracking? I need specifics, please.

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5/8/11 6:55 P

Hi Bamelzer!

It sounds like he is signed up for the Spark5 program. In order to set goals and see that section he'll have to reset his goals and switch to the weight loss portion of the site. He can do that through his account/email preferences on his start page. Note that he will lose any information he's tracked already, but will keep his points and manually entered items.

I hope this helps!

5/8/11 12:33 P

If you are asking about the weight tracker, you can add it by going to the SparkPage and clicking on the EDIT button, then scroll down until you see the section to configure that.

However, I agree with previous poster about posting questions like this on the Site/Technical forum - and there are so many pages with help information, including a FAQ page that explains how to add the weight tracker, you might want to check those first as well.

The site can be confusing and there is too much to learn 'all at once' but once you get some of the tools for helping yourself mastered, the rest will take care of itself!

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5/8/11 12:10 A

I am not sure how to get this section onto his page. Can you post this question in the "Site/Technical help" forum of the message boards? Let me know if you need help finding that.


5/7/11 11:54 P

My husband doesn't have the "my goals and progress" bar on his page and we can't figure out hoe to get it on there. How do you get that on your home pager?

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