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1/14/10 1:07 A

I'll bet that this fighter don't require him to test for D R U G S... But he probably won't need any DRUGS to beat this guy....

Too BAD... He won't be getting a 40 MILLION $$$$$ Pay-Day either....

Tsh-tsh... Too BAD - So SAD...

DLCJ21 Posts: 1,721
1/13/10 1:42 P

Yeah Pac is going to be fighting cottley on the same day.

MATTB757 Posts: 57
1/13/10 11:52 A

It's off again, right?

1/12/10 3:53 P

I love Pacquiao as a fighter, and he is fighting at a level to where he will considered one of the greats. However, not submitting to the random drug tests does give me pause. He was headed for a huge payday and would have been the undisputed, best pound for pound fighter in the world. The test would have removed any doubt that he has cheated in the past. I wouldn't be surprised if he was using performance enhancing drugs. That was too much left on the table for him to explain it away as "I'm scared of needles".

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1/12/10 8:57 A

Pacquiao!!!!!!! Despite all the drama he will beat Mayweather hands down.

1/12/10 12:53 A

Yes.. He never backs down from other fighters when he is "under the influence"...

But what's so strange here is that he is literally "running from a DRUG test"....

Mayweather say's he'll fight him, if he's test prior to the fight...

Pacquiao would rather walk away from the $$$$, before he'll submit to a DRUG TEST...

So, what does that say about the BIG BAD PAC-MAN????

His choice is take the DRUGS, or take the $$$$...

PAC-MAN is walking away from the $$$$$$$$$$...

"Actions have always spoken much louder than words..."

(just my un-educated opinion) What urs really???

DJANVK Posts: 12
1/11/10 6:14 A

This isn't good, I was looking forward to this fight, Mayweather is good for ducking tough fighters I'm sure he is more to blame. Pacquiao doesn't back down.

1/10/10 2:59 A

What I don't understand is why everyone can't see that D R U G use is the problem??? It's PLAIN & SIMPLE that DRUG-USE is the culprit here...

The question should be "How much DRUGS should be in a fighters system???"

I have personally watched both fighters off & on for a few years... I remember when the PAC-MAN would take terrible beating in the face & would be a bloody mess sorta like GATTI did...

PAC has always been a stand right in front of u type fighter, without too many boxing moves, and virtually no defense... Now all of a sudden, he has turned into a real tiger, that's feared by others in his weight class...

He is no longer taking the beating, but is giving it out now... That transformation could only have come about by DRUGS use... Like MARION winning all those gold medals, or BARRY hitting all those homeruns...

They were mediocre before the DRUGS & sensational after it's use... I can see it & I am sure MAYWEATHER see it too... Mayweather wants a FAIR-FIGHT... Hell, no one wants to be beat to a pulp by a person under the influence of anything, including hypnosis...

If PAC-MAN came into the RING completely clean, he'd no longer be the threat that he has become...

What's strange is that we all think this, but we are afraid to say it... Which reminds me that i must put this disclaimer in my post... "I don't know for sure, but I think DRUG USE on the part of PAC-MAN is the issue"...

Now, with that done, PAC-MAN can prove us all WRONG by showing up clean as a whistle, with no DRUGS in him, and allow himself to be TESTED before & after the fight...

$40 - 50 MILLION is at stake here... Shut up, take the TEST & the $$$$, and then run like hell... So what if you lose for that kind of money???? It will go a long way in the PHILIPINES...

If he walks away, we know he can't fight without DRUGS in his system.... Not facts - just my opinion....

Be honest here & be LOGICAL... Everybody wants an edge... Just keep it as clean as u can and TESTING is done for that purpose only... It's not done to harm a persons reputation...

He does that by refusing to be tested... At this point, I think FLOYD should require him to take a TEST everyday for the week before the fight & at the fights end.....

ALSO, he only wants to fight in LAS VEGAS because of their lenient DRUG TESTING POLICY... He claims it's because they don't take out TAXES...

NEITHER does FLORIDA, but they do test for DRUGS...

DLCJ21 Posts: 1,721
1/8/10 4:11 P

I don't doubt that pacman was the stronger boxer, but if you've watched any boxing over the last few years, you know that mayweather doesn't get hit. You have to work to hit him. They don't call him pretty boy floyd for nothing :P

I would have loved to see mayweather challenged by a better boxer. The only way I see pac winning this fight is if he knocks mayweather out.

Also pac is a great fighter when people stay in front of him. It would have been nice to see how he adjusted to a fighter that doesn't stand in one spot.

Pac is definitely the stronger boxer, but mayweather is the best pound for pound technical boxer the sport has ever seen. He doesn't care if he doesn't knock you out, but he's going to win on the cards every time.

I'm bummed this fight isn't going to happen, both sides are at fault here and when they announced the fight being that pac had just fought what 4 or so months ago? I figured it was too soon and something would happen.

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1/8/10 3:42 P

You obviously have a strong feelings about this. I could care less about either fighter (give me UFC over Boxing any day). I'm curious to hear your take on how Pacuiao has no blame in this considering he was the one to initially turn down the blood testing requirements.

If Mayweather is a "coward" as you say, then why would his side spend so much time, energy, and money in the negotiations? My take is that BOTH sides are truly at fault here. You put ALL the blame on Mayweather. Unless you were in the room to verify it I find it hard to believe only one side messed it up.

BORIOMI Posts: 5
1/8/10 3:12 P

Mayweather is a coward! He is going to be sued along with Oscar de La Hoya and Golden Boy Promotions. Pac-Man was being alot more flexible about this then Mayweather. $40 Million each is what they stood to gain, but he is a coward so he decided to make something up and make false accusations about one of the greatest athlete's in the boxing world. I dislike Mayweather and his father, and I know that they know Pac-man will whoop that ass so they rather not go through with this. has plenty of information on why this didn't happen. They sat for 9 hours in California trying to make this happen, but Mayweather messed that all up.

STOCKY! SparkPoints: (0)
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1/8/10 2:03 P

I think Pacman would win this fight. Of all of the good fighters Mayweather has seen, Manny would have been by far the best fighter.

If Manny not getting tested was the main beef, then I blame him for the fight being called off.

DLCJ21 Posts: 1,721
1/8/10 12:46 P

My dad and I pretty much order all of the fights aside from a few no name ones.

I've watched both men fight several times and I honestly don't know who would win...They both have 2 unique styles. I've never known mayweather to be a power boxer. He's a counter punch fighter who plays great defense.

I really wanted to see him fight someone stronger than him to see how he could handle it. I don't think pacquiao would have knocked him out and it would have went to the cards and mayweather almost always wins in those cases because he's an great technical fighter.

I blame pacquiao for this being called off. Take the tests. You only go against them if you have something to hide and I've already lost respect for the guy due to this.

GOLFPRO SparkPoints: (63,241)
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1/7/10 6:56 P

I agree 100%. If Pacquiao doesn't have anything to hide form drug testing then what's the big deal about random testing versus a 24 day cut off? I'm not a fan of boxing anyway, but it would have been interesting to see who won, and how.

SMITH80 Posts: 66
1/7/10 6:44 P

Who is to blame for fight being called off. I personally hate Mayweather but I think it's Pacquiaos fault.

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