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6/14/14 7:45 A

I use them in multiple dishes, but my favorite thing to do is roast them, skin and deseed. Put in a bowl, and diced cucumbers and sliced tomatoes. Put some light dressing on them and chill for about an hour. Just when it is about time to serve I will transfer to a shallow dish and add some blue cheese crumbles and sliced fresh basil and drizzle some fresh olive oil.

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6/13/14 10:18 P

This thread is killing me. I can't get any chilis here in AU apart from the kind used in Asian cuisines...well, except for jalapenos. I can, however, get canned roasted poblanos and I use those in chili chicken verde. Just dump a can in with the shredded chicken and a big can of tomatillos, and simmer it together. Good for taco or enchilada/burrito fillings, or just out of a big bowl.

I will buy fresh poblanos when I'm in KS in August....I will!

5/25/14 4:17 P

Halve lengthwise, and remove seeds. Stuff with fat free re-fried beans and top with a little cheese. Cook in a covered dish in the microwave until hot. Serve with salsa and sour cream.

You can cook in the oven as well but you have to cook a long time so they get soft.

Think of the pepper as a spicy bell pepper.

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5/22/14 10:37 P

Stuff 'em, saute, fry, making fajitas... be a rebel and eat them by themselves.

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5/20/14 9:26 A

Also absolutely wonderful in Chile Rellano's. I usually make a casserole (can find a recipe on AllRecipes) and they are divine !

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5/16/14 1:33 P

Poblano peppers are great, and versatile. I like to stuff them, or roast them to make green chile, or I will dice them up, sautee with onions, and use in enchiladas or tacos.

Here are some recipes you can try:

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I was given a dozen by a neighbor. I never made/bought this type of pepper, Looking for suggestions on how to use them.

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