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Just keep going, you'll get there. My son is 2.5 yo and been successfully potty trained for about 2 months. It took a lil bit. He had accidents at first, but we just stayed positive and I gave him stickers when he went. We struggled very much when we were not at home. He would not go in any potty but ours. So i talked to his preschool teacher and she said diaper out and potty at home is confusing. So we put him undies except while he sleeps. He had several accidents at first. but he finally realized it was use another potty or be wet, and he didnt like being wet. Also we started out sitting him on the potty every hr then every 2 hrs, in about 3 weeks he was telling us when he had to go. and now he has not had an accident in over 2 months. Including two 4 hr car rides! Patience is key. Although I know its not easy :( but she will get there! Promise!

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thanks. now at night hwne she wets her pull up she's coming to wake us up. she gets upset form it but i told her accidents happen and that she'd get better. nap time is hit and miss. last couple days she didn't pee herself. one time she wnt to pee and didn't pull down her panties but i'm trying to get her used to doing it all herself. she just can't reach the wall switch for the light.

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That's great. She may have accidents at nap time for a while. It is harder for them to hold it while they sleep and if she gets cold and shivers she may wet then too. She is making great progress. emoticon

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5/22/13 6:21 P

Angie is doing good. Thanks for all the help. This is day 4 and just a little bit ago she woke up from her nap crying and we went to potty. she almost made it in time. The only time she's having accidents is nap time and when she poops. I told her this morning when she poops to tell me like she does when she pees so she can put it in the potty. Day 1 was definately the most challenging and she has done so well so far. she doesn't talk much yet, that's our next goal once she's fully trained. she wears a pull up at night, and last night she wanted to go potty even with a pull up on before bed. I call that goooood progress! Regular diapers are put away.

I thought what would take months is going pretty fast I don't think it'll take that long. I have to help her pull her panties down and back up. I give her 1 wipe to wipe herself with and sh'es doing that herself now . :) And she can't reach the light switch yet. If I leave the light on all day, she gets near the sink and turns the water on while I'm not around.

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5/22/13 3:02 P

We had "potty books" that were only read whenever she was sitting on the potty. The goal was to get her to sit there for a few minutes, without making it feel like forever to her.

I had a friend who's husband taught their son to use the potty while teaching him his alphabet. The one on one time with daddy was the best reward for their son.

I had a couple of neighbours with toddlers all ready to potty train about the same time. They had the kids play outside in one backyard together all summer, with several potties set out, and all the kids with no pants on at all. It worked for them, but I'm not sure that's a method that I'd employ.

Another friend taught her daughter to go sit on the potty every time a commercial came on during her favourite television show.

It takes patience and finding the method that works for both you and your daughter. One thing that is incredibly important is keeping the experience positive. I know it seems silly, but we made such a huge deal out of the first time my daughter went potty all on her own. We even let her call her grandmother at work to share the big news. And then she got her favourite lunch and a special snack that afternoon. After that first success, it got a lot easier for her, and on us.

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5/20/13 4:28 P

I have potty trained 3 girls. I know it can be frustrating. Do you have a potty chair? If you do put it in the living room. I know this sounds crazy, but having it in a central location will make things easier. If you see that she looks like she is going to go you can put her on the potty.As she progress you move it to the bathroom. Let her come in the bathroom with you so that she knows the potty is not a scary thing. None of my girls were scared of the potty, I always let them come in with me if they wanted to. Make sure that you put her on the potty several times a day even if she does nothing. Just have her sit on it say while you read her a short book. The goal is to have her sitting on the potty when she pees. Then you praise her when she does. Make sure you put her on it after she eats or drinks. She may have to sit there for a while, give her a book to look at or put her favorite show on tv, again the goal is to have her pee in the potty. I tried the sticker and the m&m's they didn't really work for me, but the goal is to find something that works for you. Hope you find a rhythm soon I know how you feel. I would not go through it again. lol

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I didn't see anything on here about potty training and as a sort of new mom thought I'd share my story, thus far. Today is day 1 of training my almost 3 year old Angie. She will be 3 end of June. Well we tried to train her before and it was unsuccessful, I was working shift manager at McDonalds, pregnant, and stressed so I was angry and it didn't work. Now, my husband got a job so i got to quit that wonderful place and now staying at home with our two girls. Allie is almost 7 weeks old. She was born with what the derm thinks is Ichtyosis, a mild form, and it's a little stressful just thinkng about that. She has some places on her skin that keep peeling which makes it hard to bathe her, diaper her, etc. Anyway, that's not the issue.

Angie started potty training today. I made a chart for her bathroom wall, a container with pretzel m&ms in it, and a big pile of panties for her. First thing today we started with panties. She was reluctant at first but I know it's new to her. So it's 1 pm now, so far every time it's been an accident and I'm staying positive with her. She comes to me after she pees and we go sit for a minute and sometimes she doesn't want to sit after she has went, just trying to get her the idea in her head to sit here when she needs to. One time today she came patting herself when I was bottle feeding Allie. It's hard to put a baby down when she's finally eating good and falling asleep in your arms at the same time. Well I stood up to take Angie to the potty but she peed about the time I stood up. So that tells me she can tell when she needs to go.

I wonder if she's sitting on the potty and holding it until she's not on the potty and then goes because ti's always a few minutes after she sits on the potty then she has an accident. She doesn't cry when she pees herself either but she does come to me. (Also she doesn't talk much but she's smart).

I plan to put a pull up on her at bedtime until she wakes up without peeing at night. Sometimes she has went and it felt like she hasn't peed all night and others she peed a lot. Nap time will be panties as well.

Does this sound good for the first day? I know it's stressful, frustrating, and lots of accidents, but just wondering if this sounds like it's going in the right direction? i'm starting to write down when she does pee herself so maybe I can better guess when she needs to go potty.

Also, I tried putting her potty in the living room so it's quicker, but she pushed it over wiht her hands. So it's in the bathroom nearby, but just no successes yet. I've been taking her every 20 minutes. I tried a couple of times to get her to stay on the potty until she goes to the potty, but she gets mad and grunts so I don't wnat her to be negative about the potty in anyway. Just let me know what you think and if you did something similar, does this sound good so far?

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