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11/25/13 6:05 A

try red clover tea. It helped me with my symptoms :)

11/25/13 2:21 A

The less dairy I consume the few PMS issues I have. In fact the last three or four months my period has really snuck up on me. I had read about this in the past, but never tried it because of my addiction to cheese. Especially during PMS time cheese was one of my go to items. I read Eat to Live and greatly reduced my meat, dairy, and egg consumption. I try to eat vegan when I am at home, but still allow small amounts of meat, dairy, and eggs. I find this has helped my PMS so much. I have heard that if you cut down on diary the week before and during PMS that your symptoms are reduced. You might look into it.

11/24/13 9:05 P

salt!!!!! emoticon

ARUAL_91 SparkPoints: (1,325)
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5/26/13 6:05 A

Same here. I need chocolate or I get cranky. Probably, it's just between the ears :D

SOOZSEARS SparkPoints: (0)
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5/25/13 9:21 P

I have managed to satisfy my sweet tooth with a bowl of strawberries...with just a little Cool Whip and a tablespoon of Nutella heated and drizzled over it all. The strawberries are the filler but the Nutella is just enough to satisfy my chocolate craving. Plus, it has some protein from the hazelnuts, so it's at least better than a candy bar.

LUCIG12 SparkPoints: (14,646)
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1/9/13 12:58 P

my chocolate cravings are THE WORST at that TOM... and I always felt helpless and gave in. but the cravings were insatiable, to the point where Id be consuming around 1000 cals per day of just chocolate. I started taking, the week leading up to TOM, a magnesium and iron supplement in addition to my multivitamin. This has helped SO much the cravings are far more easily satisfied now.

BOOTYLICIOUS83 SparkPoints: (48,867)
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4/23/12 9:22 P

lol me too especially icecream!!

3NORNS Posts: 351
4/23/12 5:25 P

TOTALLY normal *and* natural.

you're not alone and no, a few days of overeating isn't going to torch your weight-loss efforts: your body is geared to deal with those extra calories, which is why it's demanding them.

i go through it every month - for about 2-3 days i eat more than normal and sleep like the dead. i won't lose much (if any) weight that week at all but the following week - whoosh! slides off like grease off a grill once i'm back on track.

DNICEST88 Posts: 393
4/22/12 4:04 P

yep. for me its grease and fried. and cupcakes.

SPACEBOT1 SparkPoints: (32,667)
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4/22/12 3:34 A

Chocolate. It's always chocolate, I have no idea why. Is there a hormone-triggered vitaminchoccy deficiency?

YISMET Posts: 364
4/22/12 3:27 A

My roommate and I both have insane hunger cravings during PMS, and, of course, our schedules are in sync. Last month we bought an entire foccacia, made a massive grilled cheese sandwich (and veggie soup) and ate ice cream. Don't go that crazy - it was really hard for me to start eating healthy again after 2 days of insanity, so this month I am trying smaller portions of things to see what (if anything!) will help satisfy me. I put a reminder in my calendar every month saying "WARNING! PMS!" in red to help me prepare mentally.

KATIEKELEHAR SparkPoints: (0)
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4/22/12 2:44 A

OH MY!!! going through something aweful this month, normally not a sweets person but had 3 cookes today :(

JENKAY76 SparkPoints: (46,922)
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4/21/12 3:57 P

I snack like crazy and retain water somethin terrible. I hate it.

JSPARK28 Posts: 101
4/21/12 1:19 P

I'm having that problem right now!!
I take a birth control pill so I only have my period every 3 months. That's been great for the past 3 years. Recently I'm have spotting and cramping in between and the worst thing is I'm always hungry. I feel like I just cant get satisfied and I'm only like that when this cramping and spotting is going on. UUgghhh!!

I have had no trouble sticking to my 1200 calorie intake for quiet sometime, but when I go through whatever this is it's impossible. I have gained 10 pounds in the last 2 months. My gynecologist said just keep taking the pill and see if it works out. I don't think it's working!!

PSYCHE0929 SparkPoints: (0)
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4/21/12 1:09 P

Oh my gosh, it's so bad for me! I go INSANE and eat everything I come across- salty, sweet, whatever. Especially sweets, though, I have a horrible sweet tooth.

4/21/12 9:38 A

Oh yeah. The week before my period is absolutely ridiculous. I find myself eating everything in sight, never feeling satisfied, continually wanting more, more, more! Even when I'm full, I still just want more. It's ridiculous.

It's doubly bad this month because I stacked my pills last month to skip my period so that it wouldn't come while I was on vacation. (I don't do this often, but I only get to go away on vacation once a year, and my gyno said it was ok.) It's great not to have to worry about my period while on vacation, but boy do I pay for it in pms a few weeks later!

SPILLARY SparkPoints: (0)
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4/21/12 7:59 A

My husband always knows when it is about that time because I always crave a rare steak, buffalo wings and a philly cheesesteak. Without fail. I usually give in to these cravings, (not all in one day!), track them and move on.

EX-PRESSO Posts: 478
4/20/12 5:07 A

The craving for food has been MUCH better since I'm in my 30th :)

Sometimes I'm eating a small pack of crisps cause I need the salt.

BERRY4 SparkPoints: (257,625)
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4/20/12 3:39 A

Online Now  • ))
emoticon emoticon emoticon


4/19/12 10:57 P

Wow! Am I glad I came across this topic. I don't much to add. It would just be a repeat of what has already been posted. I wish I could do away with the carb cravings, the crazy water weigh gain, and how it effects my workouts. However, we survive and get right back on track when it's all said and done! Thanks for sharing ladies!!!

LEC358 SparkPoints: (11,135)
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3/4/12 5:23 P

I start craving carbs about a week before hand, but usually having oatmeal for breakfast for a few days evens me out.

VIRGOGURL4 SparkPoints: (59,818)
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3/4/12 2:58 P

I feel your pain, I feel your pain - GOD, I HAVE THE SAME ISSUE! My PMS lasts about a week before my period - and during that week it feels as if my body is trying to gain weight. I feel much weaker - often too beat up to exercise, so unfortunately, I tend to skip the gym. I only seem to want high-calorie foods, such as french fries, pizza, and chocolate. I also feel depressed and often want to cry for no logical reason.

After having an awful January and February PMS, I decided to follow an action plan. I've read that PMS cravings are often a sign that your body needs certain nutrients, so I decided to double my daily vitamins, which means 2 calcium, iron, and multivitamin pills. I also decided to increase my water intake.

Yesterday was my first full PMS day for March. While grocery shopping, I discovered a lifesaver: Ghirardelli Unsweetened Cocoa. Two teaspoons is just 30 calories. I just added two teaspoons of regular Coffee-Mate and sweetened with Equal. Stay away from the normal store brands such as Nestle or Swiss Miss - those are too processed and don't contain enough cocoa. Spend seven through ten dollars and buy the PURE unsweetened natural cocoa - the darker, the better.

I was hoping that this would decrease or at least delay the urge for chocolate. It ERASED my chocolate cravings entirely. 50 calories was all it took to feel full and satisfied for the entire day.

ANELAKANOA Posts: 4,221
3/4/12 12:31 P

Yeah I think this is normal. I hate the week before I get mine because I always slip up, some months worse then others. I'm learning how to deal with controlling these cravings.

KENTUCKYGIRL01 SparkPoints: (0)
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3/3/12 12:06 A

CHOCOLATE....Oh my.It's awful !! emoticon

NYKOLEL Posts: 689
3/2/12 11:15 P

i understand i crave a lot mexican food and sweets i have a crazy cravings. this usually happens 2 days before my period and 2 days after my period

FITKIZ Posts: 748
3/2/12 10:54 P

My ToM cravings have largely gone away since I started a women's daily supplement. Cravings often have physical cause, try a multivitamin and if that doesn't help talk to your doctor.

RYOKOSITH Posts: 161
3/2/12 10:44 P

Yep. I usually crave foods that are high in iron right before my TOM and a sprinkling of chocolate cravings throughout. Usually some extra helpings of broccoli and a meal with liver will be enough for the first urge. For chocolate, I found that I could nibble of a small square of very dark (86%) chocolate to help reduce that craving without getting a huge sugar hit.

ANIKAJAC SparkPoints: (0)
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3/2/12 12:19 P

Going through the same fun right now

I try to have mini pieces of great dark chocolate - so last night I had one of those and savored it

I also try to have crunch things - like apples and veggies around

I make a crock pot or a soup because i generally look for a "comfort food" i load the soup or crock pot creation up with lean protein usually beef for me around this special time of the month and lots of veggies

I also reach for my honey's gummy bears or worms as they arent as fattening as the great snicker bar or almond joy or 20 oz steak that i could eat!

BUGLUVR82 Posts: 28
3/2/12 12:08 P

thanks ladies. I love this website. So helpful :-D Have a great weekend

BITTERQUILL Posts: 1,639
3/2/12 11:45 A

You're definitely not alone. Your body's hormonal balance changes, burns slightly more calories and has more exacting nutritional needs when you're menstruating, so it's entirely normal for your appetite to go up a bit beforehand. To a certain degree, it is scientifically proven. But many women *do* use it as an excuse to eat more than they actually need, or misconstrue certain cravings which indicate some sort of deficit as cravings for large quantities of junk. It's normal to need an extra cup of milk or some protein or fruit, but it's not necessary to eat a burger and shake every night for dinner just because you're PMSing.

For two or three days before my time of the month, I don't eat within my weight loss range. I just aim to keep my calories within maintenance range, which is considerably higher. It means I might not lose any weight for a couple of days, but I can't gain either. Generally, my appetite drops significantly once I actually start my TOM, and the weekly calories average out to within weight loss range anyway. This method hasn't hurt my weight loss in the slightest.

Edited by: BITTERQUILL at: 3/2/2012 (11:47)
ANNAFRECKER SparkPoints: (4,726)
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3/2/12 11:45 A

If its bad for me, I crave it and it is always there, right at the top of the list of what my brain thinks about all day. This has happens up to a week before, its SO HARD to control it but I am always so proud of myself when I do! I can't give in AT ALL because with me, I can't stop at a reasonable portion, ever.

SOON2BSMALL1313 Posts: 857
3/2/12 11:26 A

same here!!!! I want to eat EVERYTHING that is not nailed down and even then might try the nails lol. Im focusing on trying to find healthy things to snack on. Also ive foudn that sweettarts are 60 calories for 11 of them and they seem to take care of the sugar and sweet want

LULU8278 Posts: 313
3/2/12 11:15 A

Before I went on birth control pills recently, yes my cravings (particularly for greasy food and red meat) were out of control. I felt like nothing would ever fill me up a few days before it was due to start. Like you, it was actual hunger. The cravings for red meat were likely due to the fact during that time of the month I used to get very anemic.

Now, I'm not recommending BC pills and I started taking them for other reasons, but just saying nope you're not alone at all!

BUGLUVR82 Posts: 28
3/2/12 10:39 A

Ok sorry to the men out there but woman........can some one tell me im not alone on this!!!

About 5 days before my period week I am like a bottomless pit!!!!!!!!!!!! Totally sabotages my healthy eating diet. I try to stick to healthy snacks but even the healthy snacks add up !

Is it normal for your body to crave more food? Like is it scientifically proven?Actually, it is not even craving it is actual hunger. I definately know when im eating out of boredom (which i seldom do) and eating bc i am actually having stomache growling.

Is this legit or do us woman use pms as an excuse to eat more food???

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