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CIERRA097 Posts: 9
8/23/14 12:20 A

Thanks for your help and all your advice. The main reason I do and always have consumed less calories is that I have trouble eating in the morning or even until lunch. Most times I get sick to my stomach so I just eat lunch and dinner. However I will try to eat more frequently. Also, I know twenty five pounds is a lot but I was 250 and eating probably 600 calories plus a day in junk food. I really have not done anything extreme or what is considered to be unhealthy to lose weight. Also, the reason I burnt so many calories the other day is because I had an hour and a half long Irish dance class, which burns a lot of calories, but I'm accustomed to it. And also in the morning I ran. So anyways, I don't normally burn that many. It's usually between 300-600 calories from my runs.Thanks again for your advice!

COACH_DENISE Posts: 8,427
8/22/14 10:22 P

You are actually not eating enough for your body's needs, so you really are starving it from the nutrients and calories it needs. From what you posted, you burned more than you ate yesterday (not what you should be doing) and what you ate isn't enough to allow your body to properly function. I'm very concerned that you are doing more harm than good by doing this. A teen needs a minimum of 1800 calories daily for your normal functions, and more if you are exercising.

The thing is, you slow your metabolism a great deal when you don't eat enough calories for growth and development as well as typical daily functions like your heart beating, your lungs expanding, muscles contracting etc. As you start to eat nutritious calories at the recommended level, your metabolism speeds up and becomes more efficient and that is how you begin to easily lose weight AND grow and develop at the same time.

The key is to eat smaller meals and snacks more frequently. This gets the metabolism working most efficiently, gets the calories and most importantly the nutrients in and after about a week, you start to feel hunger pangs every few hours. This is a GREAT thing and indicates that your metabolism is working more efficiently and is burning up the foods that you are eating instead of storing them for future energy needs.

950 calories isn't enough for a growing and developing young woman. Your body will adjust to the increase in calories after you consistently eat the right amount for a while.

The best way for you to move forward is to:

1) Begin eating 6 small meals/snacks each day each consisting of 300-350 calories.
2) Focus on nutrition at each meal/snack - whole grains, fruits, veggies, low fat dairy, lean meats/nuts/beans.
3) Make sure each meal and snack is a healthy balance of protein sources (lean meats/beans/nuts and low fat dairy) and carbohydrates (fruits, veggies and whole grains).
4) Save the "junk" like fried foods and sweets like soda, pies, cakes, cookies, candy and cake for the special occasions of life.
5) Make sure you are active daily for at least 30 minutes if possible and include strength training several times a week to tone and shape your body.

This plan will allow you to have the nutrients you need for growth and development and will help you have energy for life, will improve your outlook on things and will help your find your bodies best weight and shape.

With that said, weight is not a static number, it will fluctuate daily within a few pounds, so you could be seeing that. You could also be seeing your metabolism slow down and storing fat, losing muscle since you aren't eating enough. You could also be seeing your body retain more water due to your cycle OR by running/doing more exercise. When you start an exercise program or you change what you have been doing, especially with running,your body is likely to store more water, which is a temporary process. Either way, I wouldn't worry so much about the weight gain at this point, I'm more concerned about your rapid weight loss (25 pounds in that amount of time is a lot even for a fully developed adult and isn't safe unless you are being supervised by a doctor) and that you are not eating nearly enough, along with too much exercise combined with not eating enough. Please reevaluate your goals and increase your nutrition intake to bring you back up to a healthy way of losing weight.

Coach Denise

CIERRA097 Posts: 9
8/22/14 9:39 P

Ok so far I've lost 25 pounds since the beginning of July. These last two weeks I've been watching my diet and running everyday. And I've gained 3 pounds. I don't understand. Before if I exercised and ate moderately healthy, I lost weight. Yesterday I ate 950 calories and burned 1200. And I gained weight. It's not because I'm starving myself, trust me I'm eating the same amount of food now as I was before. Any advice/explanation for this?

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