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I would suggest starting with his doctor to get advice on what kinds of activities are safe and what he should avoid. They would be the best resource to answer your questions.

Good luck!

Coach Jen

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Hey howdy there

My dad's been on a PEG-tube feeding arrangement since Thanksgiving, finished his chemo in February, and hasn't been to work at all. he'll be 62 this Friday, but its just so odd that after months of no working and such he's incredibly weak. I mean, the man's his age and was in better shape for climbing telephone poles and digging ditches than guys in his work crew that were in their 30s--not exaggerating. But after so many sedentary months, he's gotten really weak. I mean, in some respects I'm probably stronger than him right now, which creeps me out because I'm grossly out of shape and not very strong at all.

I'm hoping like crazy you guys know of some strength exercises that would work for him. The problems is the stomach location of the PEG tube--we both worry about it causing pain by getting pulled on if he reaches his arms too high or stuff like that. He has bad knees, too, but the way I see it if we can get him working on those again, too, then we'll be in good shape. I wish he'd ride my bike around if he wanted to maybe get some exercise, but with the dogs running loose and the peg tube issue, probably not the best thing. We do have a weight room in the house (old fashioned), but it might be too much for him (I just don't know--I want to have ideas he can work with before we get into it). I also have some resistance bands and 5-pound barbell weights he can use.

I just can't think of exercises he can do while he's sitting there. I'm going to try and do some myself today and onward (waiting for people to come by the house so i'm stuck here most of the week anyway), I just need ideas and what's worked for you or whoever had it, or exercises you know won't pull on the stomach muscles while he does them. I've looked but only found blogs i'd have to sign into and really nothing helpful. any exercises you know (and where to find them for demonstration) or tips, they'd be totally helpful. I just want dad to get stronger so he has the option to go back to work when its time.

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