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As a rough guide, most people burn between 6 and 10 calories per minute of exercise. 6 calories per minute for moderate exercise (from what you describe, it sounds like you were working out in this range), and 10 per minute would be more vigorous.


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4/30/14 12:18 P

Thanks ,,,I didn't think it was right ...I will look into a monitor ...but like they say every step counts ...I wear the pedomitor because I haven't been able to work out now that I am getting back into it gives me motivation to keep moving ..
I have a desk job so I make it a point to get up every 30 min,.

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Hi, Samjul !

A pedometer is not designed to be worn during that type of activity. It's designed for counting steps. Also, any caloric burn calculated when walking is still a rough estimate. So, take any reading with a grain of salt.

If you want a rough idea of calories burned during a workout, you need an HRM, heart rate monitor. While not exact either, their margin of error isn't as high as a pedometer.

So, no a 35 calorie burn would not be accurate. You can use the Spark fitness tracker for an estimated calorie burn for your 30 minute workout.

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4/30/14 11:09 A

Hi All
I have a pedomitor that I wear everyday ...but this morning I had it on when I did my 30 min low impact cardio workout so 10 min on stationary bike and the rest walking ....but it says I only burned 35 cals can this be right

also when I input the steps taken today does that get factored into my calories

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