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10/7/13 4:58 A

Hey! I've been diagnosed since last year but I was on birthcontrol before that and continued on with it along with Metformin since. I've been feeling very emotional while on the pill, but I've not had any issues with feeling full or blood pressure (knocking on wood here!) so I'm going to my doctor soon to consult her about what to do about the moodswings because I'll just start crying at the drop of a hat recently! I'll wait and see what she says on the 21st. :)

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12/28/12 9:05 P

I've been on birth control pills for 14 yrs since being dianosed with PCOS at the age of 16. I was thankfully able to successfully get pregnant and have a healthy little boy thanks to being on the pill for all those years to control my cysts. Well now I'd like to get off of them and I'm taking Metformin to hopefully reduce/reverse the symptoms of my pcos. I feel so much better after only one month off of the pill. Mentally I feel much more clear headed less emotional. My blood pressure is down. Also my appetite is less...when I'm on the pill I never seem to feel full. Now I can really tell when I've had enough to eat. Although I have yet to have a period off of the pill. I'm not worried about infertility as we do not plan on having anymore children. I do worry about the possibility of endometrial cancer and other possible health risks of going off of my pill..but then again there may be health risks staying on it. My obgyn would like me to stay on my pill forever and says even past menopause it's safe to take. While my family physician thinks differently. What to do? Trying to weigh out the pros and cons of the birth control pill. Any thoughts? Anyone else in a similar position?

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