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10/2/13 1:40 A

Correct...same boots, DIFFERENT inserts, no more plantar fasciitis.... And I've got quite a few miles in those boots now...including some short backpacks and trail work events.
My visit to the podiatrist was about $80.00 (my insurance at the time didn't cover...go figure!!)...and oh so much worth it!! Especially since I have some different foot issues with arch and bunion trouble now....But No More Heel Pain! (And no more arch pain!)
Best of luck!!

PS like Charlotte, I'm in the 60+ group heel issues were about 5 years ago though....

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SETTIMIA Posts: 8,076
9/30/13 3:39 P

LADYSTARWIND so you are wearing the same boots and now you are not feeling any more pain.

SETTIMIA Posts: 8,076
9/30/13 3:37 P

Thank you very much,CHARLOTTE1947 tomorrow I will try and wear them, and see if it is the boots.

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9/30/13 12:15 A

SETTIMIA....New boots or old, I agree with a previous poster who suggested it might be the beginnings of plantar fasciitis. When I got it, it was from new boots with athletic inserts to help them "fit better". **Unfortunately** those inserts didn't fit ME right!! The particular brand was too narrow in the heel for my weirdly shaped foot! (I was unconsciously twisting my foot not to step on them...) Oh Pain--For about six weeks....
If it continues, I would suggest A) abandon wearing the boots ASAP B) consult your doctor for advice on treatment. I ended up with a podiatrist actually: we taped my foot; iced it; Ibuprofen'ed it; got properly fitted inserts (over the counter ones for about $30.00...), and fortunately it healed up without cortisone injections or night braces, etc. And yes, I still wear those boots!! LOL
Hope you solve this quickly, and are able to find boots/inserts which are comfortable. Walking and hiking is so wonderful...when it doesn't hurt!!

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9/29/13 2:37 P

I'm guessing you're young. I'm old and have had burning pains in my heels as well, among other foot problems. Try wearing the boots around the house for a few days to break them in. Try putting a shoe heel cushion in that shoe before walking again; you can find them in drugstores. If the heel hurts when you get home next time, ice it for a few minutes. If the problem persists, you may have poorly fit shoes.

I finally went to a Podiatrist to analyze my foot problems which have gotten worse as I have aged. He recommended a name brand shoe for walking and a different brand for everyday use. He also made orthotic inserts for all my shoes that conform perfectly to my feet and provide support where I need it and remove pressure where I can't tolerate it. This is expensive but has saved me tremendous amounts of pain. I had to get to age 60 before I needed any of that though.

Good luck! Walking and hiking and running are so good for you!

SETTIMIA Posts: 8,076
9/29/13 5:28 A

Thank you for your reply. No they are new walking boots, I will look it up. Today I have decided not to walk and give it a rest.

SYRREAL Posts: 106
9/28/13 9:58 A

How long have you had these boots? They may be worn and walking you to plantar fasciitis.

SETTIMIA Posts: 8,076
9/28/13 9:40 A

I have some walking boots, and today when I went to put them on, I was fine, then later when walking in the forest I suddenly felt a shooting pain in my heel, so rested, checked that a stone was not in my shoe, which it was not, then after a further rest, I no longer felt the pain and could continue walking.................has anyone experienced this? It is fine now

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