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3/4/12 2:15 A

I have another approach to workouts- leave the crazy stuff to people whom have good insurance companies.. Sparkspeople as good middle of the road workouts for free..

Make exercise your friend, not so darn hard it becames a chore.. Also remember rest days, far too many people start up gangho and burn out before they have even started..

I personally experienced easier roads to get the same results. But thats humans in a nut shell gangho and hopes on looking like the instructor.. Remember folks half these instructors are born naturals..

Fitness is a battle, welcome to the frontline.
Suit up and fight for your life. War is war, no matter what front your fighting..
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3/3/12 11:52 P



"The most effective fitness workout is the one you do!"

"In 10 sessions you'll feel the difference, in 20 sessions you'll see the difference, and in 30 sessions you'll have a different body"- Joseph Pilates, on his training method

30 to 90 mins of cardio and strength/resistance, 5 days/wk

Dr-supervised Bio Hormone Therapy + Nutrition + Sleep + Stress Mgmt might start to = Fitness (partly borrowed from Fitness on the Run, Alexandria, VA USA)
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3/3/12 8:33 P

I've heard lots of positive reviews of them from my friends and workout partners at the gym. The trainer who leads most of my classes at the gym does Insanity, and frequently incorporates the moves into our classes. One of my trainers added some of the ab stuff to our Body Blast class yesterday, and OW.

Whether or not you want to spend that kind of money depends on your current fitness level (Insanity is really not for beginners. If you haven't exercised in a couple of years... I wouldn't recommend it) and whether or not you're sure you'll stick with it. There are effective workouts for lower price points that will also serve very well.

Writer, mother, wife, and breadwinner. I love to run, but running doesn't love me, so I'm switching to my low-impact bike.

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3/3/12 4:53 P

Has anyone tried P90X or the Insanity workout DVD? Opinions/Feedback...

Challenges are what make life interesting; overcoming them is what makes life meaningful. ~Joshua J. Marine
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