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3/16/12 12:35 P


Thank you so much it really helps a lot!

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3/16/12 3:05 A

I agree with the last post. I also track cardio and strength. I hadn't thought about cutting the calories burned in half for the strength, but i think i'll start doing that now.
As far as the heart rate monitor goes. Get one! This is by far my favorite tool when working out. I am a big fan of the polar FT7. It is kind of expensive since i think it runs around $100 but it is an investment in your health and if it motivates you to workout, it could save you a lot of money in the long run. Also they now have replaceable batteries that run a lot cheaper than the watch. I've had my HRM for about a year and on average use it 6 times a week for at least an hour and the battery still works.

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3/15/12 2:43 A

I have done P90x several times already and use a HRM for everything I do. Having said that I manually enter my own workouts into the tracker all of them...strength or cardio. It works for me to know total calories burned and certainly disagree when people say not to count strength!! That will cause me to undereat and then causes issues with my progress,

Anyway, strength workouts don't burn as much as HRM will overestimate these. I take whatever my HRM reads for the hour of strength and input half of that if it says I burned 450 on all small muscle strength...I input 225. ..this is true for the arms workouts.

Chest & back and legs & back, kenpo and plyometrics are all high calorie burners due to the moves being done in I burned about 300-490 on all of those...plyometrics being on the high end and kenpo being on the low end. I always skip kenpo and do more efficient HIITS from other programs.

Yoga and abs are slow moving and the other DVD's focusing on isolating smaller arms muscles are not huge calorie burners. I count 10-40 calories for abs...I skip yoga..

Eay way is to just assume 4 calories burned per minute of the arm focused discs.
But the others I mentioned are compund big muscle exercises so you burn closer to cardio numbers...cardio is cardio regardless and those really have you moving arms and legs and at a faster pace. This method worked for me.

It is so much better for your overall fitness and progress to invest in a good hear rate monitor. I would be lost witnout it.

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3/14/12 10:51 P

If not wearing a HRM or device the calories burned is just guessing.. Weight, height, sex and age can make a profound difference..

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3/14/12 5:09 P

I would say you would have a better chance of estimating your time by using the time spent. There's an option for P90X in the fitness tracker; just track your time, and SP will estimate your calories for you.

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3/14/12 3:31 P

Has anyone ever received any information as to whether or not a range of calories burned can be tracked by lookng at which disc you've just completed? I realize it will depend on age, weight, and other factors however I am interested simply because there are so many exercises performed on each would be very difficult to track calories burned by exercise.

I.E. Disc One-potential to burn 400-700 calories depending upon intensity

I have been doing P90X for a while now and I am so much stronger-I would still liek to be able to include those calories burned on my Spark People trackers though....

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