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8/31/09 9:59 P

I did P90X last year. Am starting a new 3 month set starting in OCT. Great program. I had to hit pause alot, but everything got better.

I like mixing up some P9oX techniques with other strength workouts. Plus, the Plyo, Cardio, and Kenpo are great cardio workouts.

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8/31/09 8:54 P

First...P90 is an awesome program. If you're able to keep up with and follow the routine you're sure to get in better shape.

Second...some things to consider. You mention that the exercises on SparkPeople aren't intense enough. At the same time you mention your inability to do everything with P90X. There's a couple things to consider.....

You can modify SparkPeople's exercises to add intensity. Just as you can't do all the p90 exercises, and would have to modify them, you can just as easily modify the SP exercises. P90 uses mostly body weight exercises, just as SP does. Add your own intensity to spice up the SP exercises.

You could certainly jump right into the p90 exercies. But you could just as easily start with SP stuff (or something similar) to ease yourself into it.

No matter what you choose, as long as you're exercising you'll continue to improve your health and become more fit.

Good luck!


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8/31/09 12:28 P

I did it for roughly 2 months. It was very tough, especially the pullups the first few weeks but you get use to it. It does kick your butt, my problem was it wasn't fun and I didn't enjoy it. For me I need to enjoy my workout to make it last. I definitely got leaner but I didn't put on as much mass as I wanted.

I never felt like I had the energy to last the entire workout, mind you this may have been because back then I generally worked out on an empty stomach. Whereas now I ensure I have a big breakfast roughly 45 mins before I workout.

Plus Yoga and Kenpo was boring as hell! I just don't have 80 minutes a day to devote to working out. So I went back to the traditional workout (45 min max) and have put on much more muscle in the process (which helps burn calories faster).

Check out for some decent workouts :) The BFFM book has some good baseline workouts too. I pretty much just design my own though using my favourite exercises. Right now I do Chest & Arms on Monday, Legs on Tuesday, HIIT on Wednesday, Back& Arms Thursday, Shoulders on Friday, then HIIT & endurance cardi on Saturday. Then repeat the following day. I just pick my favourite exercises and do 4 sets 12-6reps then 2 supersets at a lower weight using different exercises. I usually have 4-5 groupings like this.

For example:
Bicep Curl: 12 reps of 35lbs
Bicep Curl: 10 reps of 40 lbs
Bicep Curl: 8 reps of 45 lbs
Bicep Curl: 6 reps of 50 lbs
CC Curl: 12 reps of 30 lbs
Hammer Curl: 12 reps of 25 lbs.

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8/31/09 12:38 A

Hi all,

I have a couple coworkers who are doing the P90X exercise and diet plan. I borrowed two of the disks (Chest & Back and Ab Ripper X) to try out "Day 1" of the program and see if I liked it before I go buy it.

The short answer is that I like the format of it - but it absolutely kicked my lard butt. They state on the videos that you might not be able to do all of the reps initially - and they were definitely right!

Has anybody else tried P90X, and if so, what was your experience with it? If you struggled to complete the exercises initially, were you able to stick with it and see improvement?

What I really want to know is if I should go ahead and get the P90X program and fight through the early inability to do everything, or if I should instead drop down to something more basic until I get some conditioning in. (They suggest in their literature trying the more basic "Power 90" initially - but I'm worried that that one might be too repetitive to hold interest, or that it might not provide a good workout for long enough. Of course, I'd also much rather buy one program than two if I can.)

Of course, other programs are also okay. This is just the one I know about. I would like to get on a well defined daily program, and I am interested in something like this because I am having a hard time figuring out how to design my own from scratch. (And no offense to the Sparkpeople folks, but I have looked at their exercise plans and they seem to be a bit lacking in intensity.)

Any thoughts you might have would be appreciated. Thanks!

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