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1/23/12 9:43 A

I sure don't have anything much to compare it to, but I bought the Supreme 90 Day program and both my husband and I are loving it and finding it super challenging. We had been doing ST and cardio pretty regularly for quite a while now and having a quick (30 min.) intense and structured workout really suits us. 'We're only on day 7 today and there are plenty of excercises that we have to do the modified versions of, so there is lots of room to progress. We're completely red,sweaty and exhausted at the end of the 30 minutes. We enjoy how manic the workouts are. Go fast and hard and switch. Pretty much a cross between circuit and interval training with a mix of ST and cardio in each workout. We really feel it the next day too, so you know it's got to be working.

There is a meal plan (Clean Eating by Tosca Reno) as well as on-line support. It works for us, but then again we may be considered beginners as we don't have much experience working out to DVD's.

Edited to add: Just a quick question for others with the same program. I track it as a boot camp. How do you track it?

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1/21/12 5:27 P

Bob Harper's DVD's are INTENSE And effective and only $5 each on sale right now! I highly recommend them.

1/21/12 2:52 P

In my opinion there is nothing mystical or magic about P90X, there are multiple equivalent programmes available for free or at a lower cost. Tony Horton is a master at marketing but not the fitness guru to end all fitness gurus. His "muscle confusion" is a rehash of a concept invented by Joe Weider over 60 years ago for bodybuilders. It has no more validity now that it did then.

You can find and download to a DVD multiple free programmes on the internet without being a pirate. Nutrition programmes can also be found for free with an internet search.

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1/21/12 8:42 A

I have compared it and it is nothing compared to the p90x program. The two are not the same at all. It's a workout program but not in the category of fitness that p90x is. Just clarifying that it's no where near the same. P90X gives you not only more proper exercises and teachings but all the nutritional guidelines and plans as well as the support online.

It's ok to purchase, I'm not saying not to just saying it is NOT anything like P90X.

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1/11/12 6:22 P

Wow! Thanks for asking such a great question. I would never have thought to see if there were any more affordable options. I'm so glad to hear about the Supreme 90. Heading to BB&Beyond this weekend to check it out.

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1/11/12 5:36 P


MELISSAD0721 Posts: 305
1/11/12 12:37 P

Glad I stumbled across this. I wanted to try P90 X also but it is ridiculous in price. I will try the alternative :) Thank you!

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1/11/12 10:25 A

I think LTD has supreme 90 for $10.

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9/24/11 3:21 A

Supreme 90 for only 20 bucks, I got both programs and wish I knew about supreme 90 before buying p90x

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9/23/11 1:53 P

Look on youtube alot of instructors down load their videos for free on the internet.. They want people to watch their videos and this is how they drum up business.. is a good one if you like tough workouts.. I can usually sew something together Suzanna does and she is one fit lady.. She is honest about what is hard too.. Subscribe to her and they send new videos when they turn up..

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MIZZMO Posts: 27
9/22/11 3:55 P

I was just looking up different DVD programs myself lol, so i was glad to see this thread.

I have hip hop abs and I like it.

I'm also going to look into supreme 90 and jillian michaels.

thanks for the info guys!

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9/22/11 3:42 P

There's a program called Supreme 90 that's a lot like P90X. It's only $19.99 and it's available at Target, Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and probably a few other places. I have that one and I really like it. It uses the same theory of muscle confusion that P90X is known for, and it's the same 90 day period.

Here's a link to it at BB&B -

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9/22/11 1:43 P

Pirating is illegal.

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9/22/11 1:35 P

I'd be a little careful about some copies on ebay as they are often illegal, pirated copies and basically stealing from the program's creators (there are some used copies from people who buy it but don't like it but if you see a seller who has sold dozens of copies really cheap it is probably pirated). There are a number of less expensive alternatives though:
*The instructor Tony Horton has a book out that to me basically looks like it is a similar though slightly more basic program. Since it is a book he explains the why's a little so it would give you some information to create your own program.
*You can assemble your own well rounded program using videos or classes or personal workouts for less money. Basically in P90x you workout 6-7 days a week, it is generally two cardio workouts (usually one martial arts cardio fusion and one plyometrics), 1 day of yoga, 1 rest day or optional full body stretching workout, and three days of strength training. In x the strength training tends to be split routines where you work different muscle groups on different days, but if you prefer full body workouts you could do that in your own program. Every 4 weeks you take an active recover week where you do more of the yoga, some cardio, more stretching and a challenging full body/core oriented strength circuit workout. Really, I think a lot of people are on similar and in some cases better programs but just don't know.
*If you like structured 90 day dvd programs there is another less expensive option you could try called Supreme 90. It is not exactly like P90x but you can usually get a legit new copy for less than $20 (a lot of people find it at Bed Bath and Beyond for even less). It is, I believe, 9 workouts including strength circuits and cardio. It has some similar exercises but I think it could be suitable for a slightly more basic fitness level so it would work well to do s90 first, then p90x. The workouts are also shorter than p90x as x's workouts tend to be 60-90 minutes a day and S90's are more like 30-50 minutes.

ETA: S90 does have an eating plan though not as detailed as p90x. The plan is by Tosca Reno and is basically "clean eating". The whole production is a bit lower budget which is why they can sell it so much cheaper.

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9/22/11 12:34 P


HEYBUTT Posts: 769
9/22/11 12:30 P

Have you tried Amazon and Ebay. I'm sure you can find folks who are trying to sell their copies (for cheaper then new).

If you want other exercise dvd ideas, I recommend Bob Haper's DVD set (cardio, strength, yoga and "bob's workout"). It's relatively inexpensive ($40 for the set, so $10/disc and 3 of the discs have a 60 minute workout and a 20 minute, the other disc has just a 60 minute). There's no eating program (like p90x) but the workouts are solid and have good replay value (I love the yoga the most).

You could also check out your library for exercise dvds to sample (then buy a copy if you like it). You can probably make up your own exercise dvd mix and match set that would be just as challenging as p90x but less expensive.

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9/22/11 9:58 A

I highly recommend the 30 day shred or ripped in 30 dvds by Jillian Michael's. I've gotten amazing results from them. They're $10-$15 each!

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9/22/11 9:01 A

There are places to get it for free, if you know where to look. I have the full range of beachbody programs and didn't pay a cent for any of it.

WYO_CASEY Posts: 587
9/22/11 9:00 A

I told myself once I got to a certain weight that I'd get P90X. Well, I passed that weight today, but I don't know if I can afford the $90-120 for P90X right at this moment due to paying off a student loan & a car loan. There isn't anybody in this area that has a copy they want to get rid of.

Are there any programs comprable to P90X, but don't cost as much?

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