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9/28/13 7:54 A

it sounds like you really need to have sit down with your fiancee and settle on a general area for what you should be eating. maybe you buy organics every other week and the bogo london broil on the alternate weeks. try to make sure everyone's favorite meals are being incorporated [and thus eaten] and everyone is getting at least something out of your diet. but get your expectations on the same page.

and your five year old son is old enough to help with chores. i'm not saying to take out all of his playtime, but he should be able to do something to help you out for twenty minutes or so. depending on what level your children are at it might be entertaining his sister while you make dinner [not taking her for a walk around the block anything, but perhaps just providing the human contact or entertainment she wants, perhaps looking through a picture book with her?]. he could probably do some basic chores [sweeping, moving the laundry from the washer to the dryer, watering the plants, cleaning the litter boxes] and is certainly old enough to start helping with dinner [tearing up lettuce, mixing things, chopping veggies if he's advanced and you have an older, duller knife that can just cut through a carrot]. try to work with what he actually does best and seems to like doing the most and you'll just be checking over his work [like if you assign him animal or plant chores you'd poke your finger in a few plants to make sure they were watered and walk by the animal bowls to make sure they are filled.] rather than doing it all yourself.

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9/28/13 6:47 A

if he won't try new things, maybe try a gentler push; make some for yourself and see if he won't try it then, when its on your plate ready to go and he's not *obligated* to eat more than a spoonfull if he *doesn't* end up liking it ^_^

Ditto on the housework; tell him its exercise (which it is, better than having him relax while you do it) or that you're not keeping up. Do it when he's around, too... that way the choice becomes "do I sit and watch TV while she is vacuuming the other room, or do I at least offer to do the dishes?" and not "do I offer to do housework at some future point... oh look, its already done!"

Also, if you're on a budget, just forego the organics. I know many people swear by them but honestly, its better to buy non-organic fresh produce more often than a few organics and lower your fresh fruit/veggie intake due to cost. Also, there are loopholes in what counts as a pesticide, and a friend who used to be gun-ho on all things organic changed her tune recently when some articles came to her attention about what is allowed on produced sold as 'organic'. I've never been too big on organics myself so I've never looked too closely into it, but by the way she changed her mind, it must have been big -___-;

Kudos on trying to eat healthy!

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9/28/13 6:36 A

I don't have kids, but I still can't stand cooking when it's time to eat; I prefer to batch cook on the weekend and refrigerate/freeze. It makes it so much less stressful and easier to eat healthily when I come home, tired and hungry, because all I've got to do is empty a tupperware into a pot and turn the stove on. With your fiancé working into the evening, doing it on the weekend would mean that one of you could watch the kids while the other tends to the cooking.

If you've got a slow cooker, you could also prepare dinner while you're getting breakfast sorted in the morning, and it'll be ready to eat by evening.

You mention you have a lot of housework to do after the kids are in bed because you have "kids, animals, and a messy fiancé", but I don't see any mention of him doing housework. I know he's out for a lot of the day, but if he's home long enough to contribute to the mess then IMO he's home long enough to help tidy it; it's not fair that you should have to do it all when you've got your homework to do, too.

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9/27/13 8:17 P

Hi everyone, was wondering if anyone has advice that has been in the same situation, or close to it. If I were single, if I did not have kids, it would be a breeze to eat healthful and keep myself in check. However, that is not the case, I have a fiance' and 2 kids, I also attend school, and I'm up to my eyeballs in home work/ house work. My son is 5 and my daughter is 11 months, my fiance' works from the early a.m. until around 6 - 8pm. I have a few issues that really throw me for a loop and I really hope someone can help.

First issue is what to make for dinner that my son will like and my fiance' as well. My daughter, like most babies, is pretty easy to please. I tend to cut up avocado, carrots, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, peas, beans, brown rice, quinoa, broccoli, cauliflower, ect. for her and she is happy. My fiance' wants to eat healthy and he is on board with it somewhat, but he is weird about trying new things, and it makes mealtime boring. Our view of healthy eating is completely different. I try to avoid a lot of dairy, try to avoid a lot of wheat, and incorporate more whole foods and healthy fats such as veggies, fruits, beans (he isn't in to beans), quinoa, (he won't try it) raw nuts and seeds, coconut and olive oil, and some meats. I am trying to cut our meat intake down as well to level the price of organics. Which bring me to my next issue.

The cost of organics is much more then conventional, understandably. I have a weekly allowance for groceries + diapers + wipes + household items, which is 150$. I am really freaked out about buying anything conventional off the dirty dozen plus. I feel in my opinion, that the pesticides and insecticides, plus the hormones, antibiotics, and steroids from conventional meats, are weakening our immune systems, causing illnesses, and causing antibiotic resistant viruses that can potentially kill people. Not to mention the rise in adhd, autism, cancer, ect. but that is another story. I just try to do the best I can with what I have and that gives me a headache because it isn't very much money for all of the things we need. I like to buy organic grassfed beef in small portions, rather than buy the BOGO london broils at WinnDixie, and that causes arguments between my fiance' and I. He says we can't afford to eat healthy in that way. But it kills me as a mother to serve food that I KNOW is harmful.

Third issue is kid + time. I take my son to school, go to the gym with a daycare for my daughter. Then I drive to the sitter's and off to school. Get home around 1:30pm, my daughter takes an hour nap, I do the dishes, vaccum, clean the litter box, do the laundry, water the plants, sweep the floors or whatever other cleaning projects need to be done. I usually don't get all of that done in one hour, but I do as much as I can. Once she wakes up I pretty much have to tend to her as our house is under construction and I have no safe place for her to be without me supervising. Since my fiance works a lot and he is doing the work on our house himself, it has been and will be a long time before it's done. Sometimes I can get her to go in her playpen, she hates the walker, and she splits her toes open in the jumper. ( don't ask me how, it never happened with my son, and she wears socks) Round 2:45 I pick up my son and come back home. When I cook dinner usually around 4:30pm I put my daughter in the playpen with some blues clues on, sometimes she likes it and is quiet, and sometimes she isn't. My son is very active and doesn't like to sit around so he is usually out back playing. Point is when I cook dinner it is a toss up between me throwing it together because my daughter is screaming and stressing me out, ruining it because I am tending to her, or sometimes it goes pretty smooth. Problem is, I never know, so I need quick healthy meals, and I need them to not be boring, and please everyone. My son is very thin. I mean VERY, so I HAVE to make sure he likes the food because I can't do the whole "If you don't like it, ya don't eat." As for my fiance' well, I have to make food he likes because he is the one buying it LOL. So to finish out my day, it is dishes after dinner, bath for my daughter, shower for my son (he does on his own of course), play with the kids, get them ready for bed, to bed around 8:30pm. That is when I finish up whatever house work needs to be done ( and yes this has to happen everyday because I have kids, animals, and a messy fiance') then study until I go to sleep. I rarely even have time to put lotion on my own feet!

How do you deal with these kind of issues? I know I just wrote a novel, but I am very overwhelmed and stressed and it has a lot to do with my weight gain.

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