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EAJKAMPC Posts: 955
10/3/10 9:09 P

Just do the best you can do every day. Some days will be better or worse than others. Don't beat yourself up.

TLCFME Posts: 1,444
10/3/10 7:58 P

My sentiments exactly Mrs.Bennett. Small steps will get us there after all the turtle did win the race. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

BAKERICLISA SparkPoints: (1,186)
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10/2/10 9:47 A

By putting in your goals it will come up with not only a reasonable exercise schedule, but the amount of calories you need to consume.

Start by tracking your food daily and see how you fall in the recommended calories, fat, carbs and protein and then adjust the next day. When tracking those foods you love you SEE how well they do or do not fit in your plan.

A good way to set yourself up for failure is to overdue it from the start. You will burnout and find it easier to walk away from another diet verses embracing the changes that are need to successfully reach your goal.

Good Luck!

MRSBENNETT2 Posts: 1,621
8/21/10 11:43 P

I think if you try to do too much at once, you'll just burn out. You have to start small, one step at a time. Measure everything you eat, journal it. Even if it's not on the plan and you slip up. Start excersising slowly if you have been sedentary. It's nice to be all gung-ho about such a big change, but it becomes too much information too quickly and then it's too easy to say you're not going to bother. Or you'll throw yourself in the deep end of a vigorous excersise program and get too sore to move, and that's discouraging.
As an example: I just started yesterday. I'm using the nutrition tracker. I walk everyday just because we don't have two cars. I fiddled around with the fitness tracker but couldn't figure it out. I'll just keep walking...but I won't worry about tracking it til I'm comfortable with the nutrition tracker. Otherwise I'd just throw up my hands and give up.

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8/21/10 4:58 P

I agree with Blueslala. Just do what you can. One step at a time, one habit at a time will make a big difference. Remember, you didn't get overweight and out of shape all at once, it took time. It will take time to reverse that too. In a year you will be a year older whether you do something healthy or not. Might as well try to make use of the time.

8/21/10 4:14 P

Thanks girl! It looks like you're doing amazing. Now I'm feeling way more motivated!

I love all the great information out there, but it gets you thinking about all the stuff you SHOULD be doing, and not what is necessarily right for you at that moment.


BLUESLALA Posts: 610
8/21/10 10:53 A

Yes, you can most definitely start with small changes and Spark encourages you to do just that.

If you read the Spark - Sparkpeople creator Chris Downie's book - you will find that he started the whole thing on the idea of not having enough time for anything but a 10 minute workout - a consistent one yes, but 10 minutes only.

Cutting out soda, by the way, is HUGE! Makes an awesome difference - one you would most likely see on the scale but even in the unlikely event that you didn't, you would in terms of how you feel.

I recommend you start with a commitment to logging your eating - that's very effective & gets us asking hard questions about our food intake right away. Even if you don't change but 1 or 2 things at a time, that's great. Then just make a commitment to exercise - however small - that you know you can stick to.

This is the most do-able program out there. Try to keep your focus on the little things you CAN do right NOW, and not on the enormous things that will take time. Before you know it, you blink your eyes and 20, 30, 40 pounds or more are gone.

Did me good to give you this LONG list of advice - I've been a little overwhelmed myself lately - made me remember how to jumpstart things again. Good luck - you can do this.

8/21/10 3:14 A

I feel like I have absorbed SO much information in the past few days that I'm kinda lost. Do I start running 6x per week? Do I need to eat perfectly every day from here on out? Or can I just start by cutting out soda? Would that even make a difference? How did you start and do I have to start everything at once to get results? HELP! emoticon

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