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DIANNEMT Posts: 12,373
10/5/14 8:37 P

You CAN do it!! Start with drinking only water (no soda) or tea without sugar (or coffee if you already drink it). And add one intentional walk to your day--I expect you already think you do lots of walking but add something!! NEVER take the elevator--use the stairs.

These 2 things--plus just learning about portions--WILL make a difference! Use the Spark web search to see correct portions and you'll get started!

You CAN do it!!

CGEORGES1 SparkPoints: (95)
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10/5/14 1:20 P

I am also a college student trying to reach my goal. I am starting at 240 and I want to be 140 staying motivated is hard but I keep trying.

AMY102090 Posts: 716
2/4/14 5:14 P

Hello and welcome to Sparkpeople! This is a great place for all the support you need to help you on your journey! I remember those college days... it's tough to not put weight on during those years.

You can do this! If you need a buddy to walk this journey with you, let me know. I'm feeling so motivated that I would love to help others!

2/4/14 5:05 P


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2/4/14 3:58 P

Hi, I'm Emmy. I'm new, as you can tell and I've always had a weight problem but this is my year of getting it in track. I currently weigh, 290lb and I just want to get back down to 200.

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