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9/20/13 10:37 P

Here's how it ended up. I stuck to my plan except for the last night. We were taken out to a german restaurant and I ate a bit more than planned (a german restaurant in Cambodia go figure) Then my friend who can't get ice cream, as he lives in a jungle in the middle of no where, bought everyone an ice cream. Aside from that i was good, and i got two runs in during the conference.

Returning home I was a little under a kg heavier, but my BF was lower. (which is how it usually works for me)

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9/19/13 10:13 A

what i do is to stick with what's natural, think of fruits and vegetables. you cannot go wrong with these stuffs. when going for meat dishes, ask about the dish that is on its simplest form. for example, pepper and salt.

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9/19/13 8:38 A

Overall, I'm thinking that may be the best / easiest approach. It's similar to what I do when we're on vacation and I don't necessarily have access to the internet and therefore nutrition information. (I don't care what those cellphone commercials say, there are still parts of this country where there is no service.)

9/18/13 10:45 P

Mystery week continues

My plan is avoid empty processed starches. (One a day)
Meat, veg fruits.

I will let you know how it goes on Saturday.

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9/17/13 2:38 P

... hopefully I won't get glared at too much for saying so, but I've been using Myfitnesspal as well as SP (their app was free), and have discovered that while in Europe, they have a lot more of the foods on MFP than SP (in that language... the app also has a barcode scanner that has worked in EU as well. I can only guess its more popular in EU whereas Spark is more popular in the US). Anytime I can't quite find it on SP I copy whatever I find in MFP and go from there.

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9/17/13 1:52 P

Ruth is right, eat using a healthy mindset and don't worry about counting until you are able to figure out what's what if you're going to be there long term or will make multiple visits

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9/17/13 10:13 A

idk..... short of maybe googling stuff like, typical cambodian foods-- and looking for pictures that approximate what you ate, which would get you the name of the dish and trying to find some nutrition information online..... or finding someone who speaks english and could tell you what you're eating..... Or get someone back home to buy a couple cookbooks that contain the standard fare for the countries you're in, with lots of pictures, so you can learn what some of those dishes are and do some approximates on nutrition information....

Otherwise, I'd go by the seat of the pants (so to speak) and not count calories so much as go by healthy eating guidelines. Lots of low starch vegetables, go easy on the noodles/ starches, get some protein. Avoid cream sauces and fried/ battered foods. Especially cut out any junk food and sugary dessert type stuff. If you're invited to a dinner and it would be rude not to eat something, take a small portion. Maybe you can load up on whatever fruits there are and some nuts, and use those for snacks.

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9/17/13 7:00 A

unless you manage to find the name of the recipe and an estimate/approximate online, I have no clue.

Otherwise, you're stuck with eating only whole foods as close to how they originally are produced as possible, or making things yourself, which means you don't experience the culture of wherever you are.

However, I just want to say - enjoy your trip/travel.

9/17/13 3:56 A


I travel a bit. I live in Taiwan but oven am moving around. Currently in Cambodia.

Any approaches to entering foods when u have no clear idea of he content. Asking only works if you speak the language.


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