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8/9/12 9:34 P

I "used" to do the same thing (meaning this is a new habit NOT to do it) and I realized it was because I was stressed during the transition of coming home from work, getting the meal ready, getting kids to and/or from practices, getting homework done, etc.

Place sugarfree gum in the kitchen if you're grazing during dinner-prep. Make a list of things to do away from the kitchen and away from the TV - clean a linen closet one night, a coat closet another night, etc.

KAPELAKIN Posts: 1,984
8/9/12 3:23 P

Do something that will keep your brain and hands busy - knitting, gardening, even video games or reading. Sip water or, if you find yourself in the kitchen, make some tea. Go for a walk around the time that you know you're usually headed back to the kitchen to snack. If you find yourself sitting there thinking of something you'd like to snack on, set a timer for 20 minutes, go do something else, then when the timer goes off, ask yourself if you still want that item. Assess if you're actually hungry, or just bored.

Last idea is to save some calories and have a snack that fits that at the ready. I usually want something later in the evening too, and this time of year something cold sounds best. I bought popsicle molds and have been making popsicles out of fresh fruit with no sugar added, and they work well as an evening treat, and are probably around 60 calories.

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
8/9/12 3:16 P

It doesn't sound as if you're actually hungry, right? Just mindless habit snacking.

Go buy one of those open/closed signs stores have and hang it on your fridge. Turn it to CLOSED after dinner. No more fridge access till morning!

You can also try planning a snack. Account for something that is healthy and ensure it's easily available to reach for. Then you will reach for that first and not snack on things that bump up your calories mindlessly.

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8/9/12 2:50 P

I do so well all day. All veggies, fruits, lean proteins and whole grains. After breakfast, lunch and two snack, I typically have between 400 and 600 calories to work with for dinner/snack or dessert. Then, I get home from work. We don't have a lot of junk in our house, but whatever we do have, I go for. Spoonfuls of peanut butter, slices of cheese, leftovers. Those can really add to the calorie count.

I've started trying to eat some nuts around 4:30 or so, then start fixing dinner right when I get home around 6. But THEN, by 8, I'm back in the kitchen looking for vittles.

Any suggestions on how to not blow my calorie count out the of water in the evenings?

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