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1/3/12 2:23 P

I workout on a regular basis with a lot of strength training. Similar to you, I tried a new full body workout (Jillian Michaels No More Trouble Zones) and yikes! I was sore the next day. I rested a day and was back in the gym today. I seem to feel better working it out. Although you seem to be in more pain than I was in.

Try some light cardio with stretching. Or even better... Yoga!!

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1/3/12 2:18 P

Yes, definite and severe muscle soreness. Thanks for all the helpful replies. I do swim and agree that the ONLY thing that felt good was my time in the pool. Wasn't quite sure why it lasted for so many days though (3-4). Did the workout on Thursday evening, went swimming on Friday morning and still sore. The only other things I've really done since then is some dancing on NYE, but just feeling better today. I felt this way after a night of non-stop dancing at our Christmas party too. Every muscle ached, yet I do planks, squats, girl push ups, lunges and weights, swimming and biking for cardio pretty regularly. Guess, it's just different muscles eh, or maybe I just don't push myself hard enough on my own workouts? I will try the DVD (Biggest Loser) again tonight, but maybe will take it a bit easier. Thanks again everyone!!

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It depends on the type of sore you are talking about. Assuming it is not injury and "just" sore muscles, I usually find gentle exercise helps on sore days i.e. something of a similar intensity to a moderate walk followed by some very gentle stretching (while your muscles are still warm from the walk). Water activities are great if that is an option, for some reason I no longer notice sore muscles in a heated pool. Also a warm bath could make it feel better.

I am not sure about doing the same workout while still sore, but I have done it but the second time I did it at a much lower intensity (lighter weights or just body weight if a strength workout). I think that seems to help adapt so it doesn't make me so sore in the future. (Referring to times when you are sore for days, I don't usually do the same workout two days in a row. You can with cardio or stretching but shouldn't with strength as you need recovery time before working the same muscles. The body does adapt surprisingly fast so you should be use to it fairly soon. :-) Sometimes I find with strength type workouts if I keep increasing the weights I can get the same soreness on a more ongoing basis if I increase the weights enough, but if it is body weight strength or cardio I usually adapt in terms of muscle soreness fairly fast unless I leave it too many days before repeating the same workout dvd or class.

1/3/12 1:11 P

I agree with BREAK - light activity, stretching are usually best. Gradual increases in intensity will serve you better going forward - enthusiasm is awesome but don't let it get you injured by taking on too much too fast.

If the pain is really bad, you can try alternating moist heat and ice on the problem areas or soaking in a warm bath at night.

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1/3/12 12:59 P

An active recovery, light exercise and stretching, is best in my experience.

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1/3/12 12:18 P

If you're that sore, rest is best, followed by a gradual ramp up in activity levels. Maybe start with light walking (gentle, slow, short distances), and then increase from there. Some very gentle stretching might help as well.

I was sore enough a while back to make sitting down in a chair excruciating....

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1/3/12 12:02 P

Well, I treally went a little overboard over the holidays and after a new full body workout video that my very full body was obviously not quite ready for, I was sooooo sore for days. In this case (when it hurts to get in and out of a seated position) is it recommended to continue working these muscles (seems like all of them) or take a few days rest to recoup so training is not quite so painful?

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