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5/20/13 5:42 P

Thank you, Coach Jen. That is what I thought, but wanted to check.

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5/20/13 12:39 P

Hi Jan!

I'd probably just eat towards the upper end of your calorie range, and if you're feeling low on energy or extra hungry, then you could add in an additional snack if necessary. Since it's only a temporary change in your activity level, I probably wouldn't adjust your calories burned goal at this point.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

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5/20/13 11:06 A

Generally I do about the same amount of activity from week to week, but once in a while it increases a great deal. For instance, since the weather has been so nice I've been doing a lot of gardening so I'm burning more calories. My question is should I be adjusting my nutrition tracker from week to week? Or keep it the same since I know I'll be going back to my more normal routine in a few weeks? (Gardening will still be needed but not with as much intensity.) I don't feel like I'm really hungry, but want to be sure I'm eating enough based on my temporary activity level increase.

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