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Over-ate Big time yesterday :(

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1/25/13 12:25 P

Thanks guys!! That really does help a lot :) I'm trying to be kind to myself, and tell myself the things that I would say to a friend if they did the same thing. But I am a little worried that if I'm TOO lenient on myself that I will be more likely to do it again and again and just keep telling myself "Oh its okay, try again tomorrow". Know what I mean?

But I also know that my weight loss goal is not on a time limit. I want to live my life and enjoy it and the wonderful food thats in it, so if it takes me a little longer to lose the weight, that is okay with me, too. Just as long as I keep moving forward, of course. Two steps forward and one step back is STILL progress, though slow, and I am trying to be okay with that :)

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1/25/13 12:16 P

Awwwww...don't worry. We all have days like that from time to time.

You said yourself, you did BETTER than you would have in the past.

"...chicken, bacon, olives, and pepperoni. I also didn't drink any of the soda, but I wanted to."

See? Look at that! Your habits have already changed! Imagine how much worse you would feel today if you had eaten the way you used to! But you didn't. That's a victory in my book!

Get back on the wagon today...and be prepared for the next time. When your husband brings pizza, bread sticks, and soda home next time, try to be even stronger. It's okay to eat pizza. You just have to learn how to do it in a healthy way.


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1/25/13 12:13 P

You are right, today is a new day and on to big success! emoticon

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1/25/13 12:06 P

I overate big time yesterday and am feeling discouraged. I tell other people all the time not to stress out when they hit a hurdle, but its different when it happens to you! I guess I'm just hoping for a few words of encouragement.

What happened is that my lovely husband has been so proud of my healthy eating and willpower that he decided to surprise me with Domino's pizza. And since he had a coupon, he also got parmesan bread bites, a 2 liter of soda, AND a box of cinna stix. I know he meant well, especially since he got me thin crust with chicken as the topping. BUT STILL! I had already had my healthy dinner planned (leftovers) AND had already had a bit of a splurge for lunch that day (I ate a burrito bowl from Chipotle and was SO proud of myself for not getting any cheese on much for that!)
Well, I know I can't blame HIM for MY choice to eat it.....especially since I ate way more than I needed to. I gave my daughter her serving, which was maybe 1/4 of the medium pizza. And then I put the box on my lap and just. kept. eating it. Until it was GONE. I don't even know how it happened! One minute it was there, and then it wasn't. And I didn't even stop there. I ate a handful of parmesan bread bites and THEN ate 3 cinna stix.
Needless to say, I ate more calories in that one meal than I was supposed to for the entire day.
But today is a new day, and I'm doing my best....but of course it is my birthday and I had already planned on a couple extra treats so we'll see how that goes.

I am trying to remind myself of a few things to stay motivated:
1) I have lost 8 pounds in just a few weeks, so I am way ahead of my goals already.
2) It could have been worse. At least it wasn't what I used to get, which included chicken, bacon, olives, and pepperoni. I also didn't drink any of the soda, but I wanted to.
3) I did have a very light breakfast, and I was very proud of my lunch challenge.
4) I did LOTS of walking that afternoon.
5) Today is a new day, and I'm already off to a great start.

Any kind words of encouragement (or even some tough love!) would be very appreciated! I'm feeling guilty about what I did, and am scared that this is the beginning of the end for my new lifestyle. I hope to have the strength to KEEP GOING!

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