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1/29/13 8:40 A

are you not following the plan in your tracker? because that looks reasonable if a little low on the fruit and veggie side. i guess what i am saying is that your stated problem doesn't seem to show up in your trackers on days you are actually tracking. though if you have been tracking it may be that those 200-500 cal days are what's causing you to overeat on the others.

your tuna noodle casserole seems high, so if that is your actual recipe i would say to try cutting some of the noodle with cauliflower to help bring the calories down. also, look at the highest cal items and use a little less of them. so if you were using 2 cups of mayo, try using 1.75 cups. if you were using 3 Tablespoons of oil, try cutting back to 2 Tablespoons. if you are using celery and peppers, increase the portions of those in the recipe. if you were using a box of pasta, leave out an ounce or two. that will help bring that into a more reasonable range.
for your dressing, try cutting out a teaspoon every time you use a Tablespoon [a Tablespoon has three teaspoons in it]. that will cut out a third of the calories.

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1/29/13 7:31 A

I hate being on 1200 calories, so I feel your pain. :) I find it's incredibly easy to go over, even when it's just one little snack that has tipped you over the edge, and I'm not even snacking on chocolate, it's all apples and nuts and carrots.

Try to make your lunch a lot larger, but without so many calories. Adding salad ingredients, eating soups, more greens, more veg... oh you get the drift. I found that I really had to learn to limit my higher-calorie foods and use smaller portions of them in meals and make up the difference with low-cal foods.

I've also found that a "no food 3 hours before bedtime" really does help me. I will get peckish, but it's more a habit than hunger, and if I go to bed on that stomach, breakfast is WAY more easy to eat, too!

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1/28/13 11:44 P

How is the 'trying' to eat something in the morning going?

One of the common body things about not feeling like eating in the morning is that you can be too ravenous the rest of the day. It's one reason a good hearty breakfast is a very common diet staple.

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1/28/13 6:19 P

Are you overeating because you're hungry, or because it's your habit/emotional eating? If you're hungry, then you need to find things that fill you up so that you're not hungry. For me, it is important to have a combination of carbs, proteins, and healthy fats, along with fiber, at my meals. I also tend to eat 5-6 small meals a day -- breakfast, sometimes a morning snack, lunch, mid-afternoon snack, sometimes a second snack, dinner, small post-dinner snack (or dessert).

If you're noshing because you're used to it, then you need to find ways to shake up your routine. For example, if you eat while watching TV, maybe you can either do something else besides watch TV (like take a walk) or find something else to do with your hands (knitting or needlepoint keeps me from snacking while I watch TV). If you eat while driving, maybe you can sip water or chew gum -- and also, don't make snacks accessible.

So I would say your first step is to analyze WHY you're "stuffing your face" and then come up with solutions based on that. Good luck!

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1/28/13 6:14 P

Can anyone help me with any tips on what I can do to NOT over eat! My problem is that I'm usually not hungry in the morning (but I still try to eat something). But by afternoon/evening I seem to find myself stuffing my face! I try to find healthy alternatives to snacking, but it seems like I am still racking up the calories! Any ideas on what to do would be greatly appreciated. emoticon

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