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2/20/13 3:30 P

Look for a program called Couch ot 5K. It's a good program that will ease you into running with cues on when to run and when to walk with the running increasing over time. Some smartphone apps charge for this but you can Google it and get the same info for free. I had it programmed into my wrist GPS device but I don't like running, at all, so I didn't continue but it's a good program. emoticon

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Hi all,
Just joined here today. I'm female and a healthy 63 but need to lose 25 #.
I so a VERY ENERGETIC walk EVERY DAY for at least 60-90 minutes, but ALSO a daily routine of 60 minutes of high energy dance.

I want to transfer my walks to runs. So far knees are a little sensitive but no real pain as I listen to them and stop before any pain sets in.

Any ideas for me to transfer into running successfully without injury?

WrenRunner (I'd like to literally put the Runner back into the Wren :o)

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