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8/17/14 11:48 A

That's a tremendous accomplishment! GREAT for YOU!!!!

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8/15/14 2:17 P


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8/15/14 9:42 A

Thats great! I used to feel embarrassed exercising at home even! It feels great when you can put those negative thoughts away and take care of you, good job.

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8/15/14 6:45 A

Well done on increasing your confidence in your own capabilities!

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8/14/14 9:04 A

Fantastic! Just remember that as you are out there moving when people see you what they are thinking is "I really need more exercise", "I ought to be doing that!"

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8/12/14 2:15 P

Good for you - keep it up! I had always been self conscious too and just started jogging and exercising outside and love it and it makes me want to do it more. Have a great vacation

8/12/14 1:39 P

I am always a little nervous to run outside... I don't like knowing that people can 'see' me (even though I know that they're not even looking at me) and I associate a huge mental block with running outside - that it's harder, there's inclines, what if I get thirsty, etc.

But I am going on vacation with my partner in two weeks, and we'll be doing some hikes and jogs together so the past couple months I've been trying to prepare.

Last night, I figured that running outside is the next step in that preparation - since of course we will be hiking and jogging outside! I haven't gone jogging outside in probably a year or more, I (still) smoke, and I've only been getting back into exercise for about 4 months. BUT, I put all those thoughts out of my head, and even though I was terrified, I went out jogging.

And now for the real **woo hoo**, I ran 4km in 25 minutes. This was my first jog outside in who knows how long! Wow!

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