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5/31/13 2:17 P

emoticon Hope you're still enjoying SP. emoticon

7/14/12 3:15 P

Just remembered a personal encounter - not Hutterites, but some kind of religious group that wear long dresses and bonnets. I was at the mall, and 3 teen girls in the long dresses remembered they were supposed to be back at their colony to babysit.

I was standing nearby using my phone. They asked if they could borrow my phone to call someone and say they would be late.

The Hutterites have their own cell phones, just about everything - no TV, though. They did say, there are 3 types of Hutterites, with differing levels of strictness.

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7/14/12 3:09 P

The show is the first we ever knew of Hutterites. It's so odd that my husband is the one who took an interest in them. He thinks they're just like us, except they live communally. That's not quite true (can't tell really because it's TV), but I do enjoy watching them.

I've called my hub. "money boss," and I've remembered their rules when I was shopping. I wanted to buy some red shorts, and an inner voice told me "Hutterites can't wear those - be a good Hutterite."

They speak German that they learn in school, and a German dialect, plus English. But in English, the intonation is really different from "us."

I research them online while their show is on.

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7/13/12 6:30 P

We live near an Amish community that is proving to be pretty liberal. The community speaks to outsiders, has yard sales, works business deals with people in the community, and actually teased me when I bought a black bonnet to use in a painting. (Will you wear this?) We run into them at Cracker Barrell and Long John Silver's and enjoy meeting them. Never heard of the third group. Interesting!

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7/13/12 2:44 P

I've watched that a few times. both the Amish kids one ( where they leave)and the Hutterites. The Hutterites seem a little more lenient. The one teen they are focusing on, and her mother are not representative of the religion I bet. Reality TV is one part true to ten parts made up.

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7/13/12 8:20 A

Never heard of them. There were Amish in Ky.

7/6/12 12:20 P

My husband discovered these tv shows on Nat. Geo. channel. He is quite interested in the Hutterites. I had never heard of them. Now, I can distinguish Hutterites from Amish and Mennonites.


I think what I enjoy is, listening to the Hutterites talk.

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