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Thank you all for your suggestions. Also the T-tapp site is intense!

8/21/11 11:27 A

Check out and read about t tapp at It's great for knees and easy on the joints but a killer workout. My body would rather have an hour of tae bo then 20 min. of t-tapp!!! lol

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What does your doctor recommend? Would water exercise be an option for you? Here's some information (with links to articles about exercise) you might find helpful:

Coach Jen

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8/21/11 3:12 A

Contact a physiotherapist and it is all about getting the weight off, many times mechanical stress on joints underlies osteoarthritis.. Sources of mechanical stress, including misalignments of bones caused by congenital or pathogenic causes..

Keep exercising it avoids us getting stiffer faster and requiring surgery.. I have managed to beat my problems and am off a 1600 mg dosis daily to get by.. I sound like a haunted house in my joints, but amazingly the pain level has decreased too..

Even small weight changes make a big difference because joint forces in the hips and knees increase about 3 times that weight with normal walking. This means that 15 pounds of extra body weight is felt by the knees as an extra 45 pounds.

If I leg press my previous weight on the leg press all my pain returns in one foul sweep.. I can feel the difference lossing weight does and how good it is for our body..

Do what you can and if you have a bad day, make sure your medicated correctly before hitting the gym.. Many of my osteoarthritis are in so much pain they need to take their medications early before I come and help them out of bed.. When up and moving helps grease the joints..

Ressearchers are looking into the benefits of ATP- this wonderful stuff happens when we exercise naturally in the body..
I still have pain, but it is not in the size class it used to be.. I get by with one pain pill once in a blue moon vs. every day and stomach pain when medications do damage to stomach lining..

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I have Osteoarthritis in my neck, shoulders and knees. I do 35 minutes on the eliptical, 3 days for strength training x 30 minutes, and 7 days of pilates / cardio x 7-12 minutes each week. I have a lot of pain and am wondering if there are better exercises that will result in less pain, but continued weight loss.

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