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9/30/11 12:34 P

Way to go. What a great job. You take care and be safe. emoticon

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9/30/11 7:38 A

thanks for your imput.. i, also, did atkins a few years back. it actually make me pretty sick. i did it for a year. and it took me 6 months to get my body back to rights. but eveyone has to find their nitch. right? but i didn't think to find an ornish group here, thanks!

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9/29/11 11:37 P

Good luck. I read his book some years ago on reversing heart disease, but I couldn't begin to follow his diet. I read Dr. Atkins' "New Diet Revolution" and that appealed to me much more so. Gary Taubes' "
Why We Get Fat and What to Do About It" is a book that I've found to be helpful.

Do check to see if there is an Ornish Team here.

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9/28/11 1:27 P

on sept 19 i started the dean ornish program at my local hospital. it is an all inclusive type of program. 4 parts. nutrition, exercise, stress management and a group time. so far i have lost 8 pounds. it is a non fat/vegan program. i am so tickled with the whole thing. losing the 8 pounds is so exciting and leads me to think this will be good for me. so between that and this great site. i feel complete with my journey. has anyone else out there tried this program. or one like it? if so message me. i am a newbie to the whole lifestiyle. so would love some imput and feedback. my problem so far is getting protein in. thanks in advance for reading....

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