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K8WAY53 Posts: 1
6/9/11 10:09 P

Almond milk is great it actually has more calcium and less sugar than actual milk~ try the almond vanilla it taste good in coffee. I use Organic milk for my house less processing and no growth hormones used on the cows

6/6/11 9:46 A

Yes, I've tried the Almond milk once and I wasn't a huge fan. I might just have to try it again and see if I can get used to it. I haven't seen or tasted Hemp milk before. I might have to try a couple different stores to see if I can find it. I just start to wonder if it wasn't good for me, then it may not be the best for my family either. Thanks for the suggestion too!
Yes, I'm glad treatments are so far over and hopefully next round of tests shows cancer is all gone. I'm sure it's not one thing to blame, but makes you start looking at your diet in a whole new way.

TERZA_RIMA Posts: 296
6/3/11 11:48 P

Evidently, the jury's still out:

...which is to say, there's not enough data to say organic is better...but that isn't really the same as saying conventional milk is fine, is it. If the soy debate is enought to make you avoid soy, I'd say go with the organic milk, though animal milk naturally contains hormones, organic or not. Have you tried other non-dairy milks? Almond milk and hemp milk are my favorites, both in unsweetened vanilla. The hemp milk can be pricey unless on sale, but I get almond breeze for $2.50-3.00 for a half gallon. It's not organic, but it's hormone free and very tasty.

Congratulations on completing the treatments! I hope you are well and staying strong...

6/3/11 10:09 A

I've read more and more about how we should consume organic milk, but I'm wondering how valid this claim is. Does anyone have any information on it? Yes, I recently purchased some and it's twice the money as regular kind. I don't mind paying extra for it, if there is some truth to all the hormones they say milk has.
As a side note: I was diagnosed with breast cancer and just went through all the treatments so I'm rethinking what I've been consuming over the years. It's estrogen driven so I'm going to stay away from Soy because that too is becoming a topic for debate on whether it's good for someone that had breast cancer. Thanks!

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