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NUTMEG1125 Posts: 2,002
9/14/10 12:47 A

Some people do eat raw meat and eggs, with no ill results. I won't eat raw eggs because of the taste/texture. I do eat raw beef and fish though ;)

ANARIE Posts: 13,185
9/13/10 10:39 P

My grandparents were dairy farmers. Their cows were cleaner than 90% of people in the world; they were bathed twice a day, pastured with about an acre of land apiece, and the milking parlor was cleaner than an operating room-- what you think of as "hospital smell," I think of as milking barn smell. There were no healthier cows and no cleaner place on earth.

And my grandparents would NEVER, EVER allow anyone they knew to drink raw milk!!!! They wouldn't even give it to their pets. It doesn't matter how clean or how well-treated the cows are; they can still get illnesses that can cripple or kill humans. Google "brucellosis," and that will probably cure you of any desire to risk raw milk-- it's a rare disease, but if you get it, you've got it for life. It's almost impossible to cure, and it causes constant pain and misery.

I'm an advocate of milk for most people, but if the only option is raw milk, forget it. Even if there were no other source of the nutrients you get from milk, it still wouldn't be worth the risk.

Really, when you think about it, you wouldn't eat raw meat or raw eggs, so why would you think raw milk is safe?

SPOLANI Posts: 446
9/13/10 10:25 P

I've had raw milk before and ended up sick afterwards, so no raw milk for me. I usually try to by organic dairy products, milk included because I eat and drink a lot of them.

NUTMEG1125 Posts: 2,002
9/13/10 10:03 P

I like raw milk, it is really the only milk I enjoy drinking, but we don't have access to it here.

An important thing is homogenization, it really messes with the balance of the milk and actually makes it more difficult to digest. If we could get un-homogenized milk here, even if it was pasteurized, I would buy that but we haven't found that yet either :(

ANAVLY Posts: 2,426
9/13/10 9:56 P

LOVELYLANA9 Posts: 2,164
9/13/10 8:29 P

I just started giving organic milk to my son because of acne issues with regular milk. It seems to be helping. I'm not serving my family raw milk - personally I don't trust it.

9/13/10 8:10 P

I am very familiar with the Weston Price Organization. They do not base their information on peer reviewed, published, scientifically-sound nutrition research. They are NOT a reliable source of nutrition and health information.

Dietitian Becky

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9/13/10 6:42 P

Here is a great website about raw milk:

I personally disagree wholeheartedly that raw milk has no benefit - most of the good bacteria are killed during the pastuerization process. The reason pastuerization began was because of the quality of life cows were living...buying raw milk from a pasture fed, organic cow has multiple benefits - read it on the website above!

LAUREN129 Posts: 648
9/13/10 6:22 P

I have actually heard from many people that raw milk doesn't upset their lactose intolerance the way that pasteurized does.

I don't have a strong opinion about the raw/organic milk debate. We personally drink organic, but that is because we don't have easy access to raw/don't want to pay $10 per gallon which is what it costs at a farm about an hour away.
I would like to try raw milk, because I have heard amazing things about the nutritional benefits, benefits to your immune system, skin, etc but I am also a little bit scared of the non-pasteurization of it. However, I wouldn't say never drink it, because I think there are definitely benefits to it. I know that dietitians are educated against things like raw milk (and the fact that organics are better for you, calorie free sweeteners are poison, etc) but there are tons of resources around that hail the benefits of raw milk. Definitely do your research though, as it can be dangerous if you aren't educated about what you're getting in to.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,249
9/13/10 5:22 P

i'm going to question your self diagnosed lactose intolerance as well. if you had problems with one milk, you should have problems with the others. if you don't then you are looking at an issue with something else. i know for me, after living abroad, regular cow milk has the same taste that kool-aid does once you're grown up. it's a weird, sour, chemically taste and i've never been able to hold it down enough to know if it upsets my stomach. i don't have any problems with any other dairy and i don't notice it in regular non milk items.

9/13/10 5:07 P

MANGOPEACHIE: I've noticed that plain yogurt as well as yogurt with sugar does not bother my stomach. However, yoplait yogurt with the aspartame really irritates it so I know it's not the lactose.

I will look for just pasteurized, but what I saw only for organic was ultra-pasteurized and regular store milk bothers my stomach beyond belief if I consumed more than 3 oz. or so.

Again, I think it's the additives in these mainstream dairy products that bother my stomach. I'm not so sure as of recent that I'm really lactose intolerant. I think they just put too much "crap" in our foods, hence the reason I've been eating more whole foods and not so many processed (some you can't avoid).

9/13/10 4:42 P

I would get pasteurized milk of some kind (or pasteurize it yourself by heating it to ~175 degrees F, but that's a lot of work for milk!) I personally drink organic milk from Trader Joe's... I think pasteurized milk tastes a little better than ultra-pasteurized milk, but that's just a personal preference.

One option you have is to eat yogurt instead -- it's easy to make out of milk plus a little yogurt starter. I am slightly lactose intolerant, and yogurt is MUCH lower in lactose, especially if you strain it.

Just my 2 cents :)

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9/13/10 4:38 P

Not to sound alarmist, but raw milk almost killed me when I was 12 years old. The milk came from my aunt's cow, so we know it was well cared for and had a very clean environment. You can just never be sure that the cow, no matter how clean and healthy, hasn't picked up a bug that lives in the soil, or been bitten by a mosquito carrying a disease.

9/13/10 4:29 P

In this day and age, I PROFESSIONALLY would NEVER encourage anyone to use raw milk...even if you do know the farmer. Health wise there is NO benefit to raw milk and many dangers!!
AND raw, organic, pasteurized, etc...all forms of cow's milk have approximately the same amount of lactose (natural milk sugar).

dietitian Becky

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9/13/10 3:46 P

Definitely go for the raw milk! It has enzymes that help with digestion that are destroyed with pasturization along with all kinds of wonderful nutrients. The cows are treated really well. In Oregon, by law, you can only sell raw milk if you have three cows or less. We know the cows by name and see exactly what their conditions are like.

718GEMINI Posts: 471
9/13/10 3:36 P

You'll get more nutrients from raw milk, but of course you also run the risk of exposing yourself to bacteria and such from the cow. If you're buying raw milk it should be from a farm you know and trust. I don't think I've ever drunk either so I can't compare from my personal experience...

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9/13/10 3:17 P

Anyhow, I was wondering about the difference between Organic Milk (which is ultra-pasteurized) and Raw Milk (which is not pasteurized). Which one is better? I have easier access to the organic milk (in the supermarket) and limited to the raw milk (farmer's market once a week). Opinions from people who have tried both?

NOTE: I am convinced I will no longer consume regular pasteurized milk. I have (self-diagnosed) lactose intolerance, however when I consume Organic Milk or Raw Milk, these symptoms do not appear. Does that say something about our mainstream milk processing? I sure think so.

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