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1/20/13 3:34 P

I love the herbalife products. Long term they aren't realistic. I can see using it as a recovery drink...but as meal replacement...I don't really believe in it because the results aren't sustainable. The thing with herbalife is (I use to sell it) is that once they get you to buy the shakes, they will continue on adding supplements which is where things get pricy. The shakes are good, but I have bought things comparable to the store. I would continue to use their shakes as a recovery shake or a shake here and there. Just not as a replacement. For me it didn't work. I got bored drinking my meals, and that led to binge eating.

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1/20/13 3:22 P


It is outside the scope of practice for any trainer to recommend a dietary supplement which includes nutrition supplementation. A certified trainer can offer general guidelines but as far as that, anything outside this knowledge base is not permitted.

As far as shakes are concerned, most people cannot spend the rest of their lives eating these products nor is it realistic, not to mention the added benefit (fiber and nutrients) that real food offers our bodies.

Coach Nancy

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1/20/13 2:49 P

There is nothing in those shakes that give them special, magic weight loss powers. All they are is an easy, mindless way to count calories.

Herbalife is generally expensive, and there's nothing you can get in them that isn't in a Slim Fast at the grocery store (or any other meal replacement shake.)

The problem with shakes is that they don't teach you anything about how to eat. You didn't get overweight by not drinking enough milkshakes, you got there by eating too much! Shakes are a quick and easy way to not think about it, but then when do you do when you stop drinking them?

You still have no idea how to deal with real food, in the real world.

Unless it's something you want to do for the rest of your life, don't bother. Don't jump in on an expensive bandwagon because you want a "jump start" or a quick, easy fix. Your trainer shouldn't be making nutrition suggestions anyway unless he's a registered dietician. He has a major conflict of interest there.

Save your money, or, if you just absolutely HAVE to have a shake, make them yourself, or go with a grocery store brand. They're the same thing.

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1/20/13 11:21 A

I did it about 12 years ago with 2 shakes per day, and all the supplements. There was "original green", "original yellow", fat blockers, multivitamins, some instant tea, etc.

My experience was this:
I lost weight. I had little cravings, lots of energy. (probably from the now-banned ephedra).
I also had severe diarrhea to the point I could not leave the house. I felt sick from all the tablets I had to take. It drained my wallet. And I gained all the weight back, plus more.

Losing weight slowly here on Spark has been much more successful for me, plus I will never gain the weight back because I've learned how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. And it's a heck of a lot cheaper.

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1/20/13 11:11 A

I wouldn't waste my money on that stuff. It is not necessary for weight loss.

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1/20/13 10:58 A

I've started boot camps with a trainer who also sells Herbalife products. Anyone here use the meal replacement shakes? He suggested for weight loss to replace two meals with a shake, and then do a meal and 2 snacks. I'm going to talk to him tomorrow about only doing 1 shake a day, since I have limited cash to spend on things like that. I'm wondering if anyone has found that they have lost weight doing one shake a day? I was thinking of juicing in the morning, doing a shake at lunch, then having dinner. I love juicing a ton so I still wanted to continue juicing. Any feedback on Herbalife products at all?

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