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3/1/13 2:41 A

Hey guys, I have been drinking Herbalife Allergen Free which is rice protein instead of soy. I drink it with rice milk usually, it's de-lish! In all fairness, and so you don't think I'm spamming it up here, I signed up with Herbalife so I could get a discount. But I have a blender cup I mix with strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries with a touch of vanilla extract. I broke my wrist so I'm having a real healing process right now, so I mix my greens in with it in the morning so I can get all my nutrition in. Allergen free is safe for vegan or anyone but only comes in vanilla.

If you are interested shoot me an email!

PJANTO Posts: 79
2/1/13 9:40 P

I blend 1/4 cup dry oatmeal, 1/2 cup greek yogurt, and 1 tablespoon chia seeds with a little stevia and enough water for consistency. I take it to work for breakfast and it fills me up until a midmorning piece of fruit.

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2/1/13 1:05 P

Vega One is an awesome healthy meal replacement shake. I won't get into all the reasons why it's so awesome, but you can look them up:

For starters:
NO artificial sweeteners
NO soy
NO dairy
NO gluten
NO corn
TONS of antioxidants, probiotics, greens, omega 3s, and fiber
15g protein

They are pricier than some other brands, but if you sign up for the mailing list they will send you a code for 15% offl.

PS: they use hemp protein

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1/2/13 7:02 A

many protein manufacturers offer "Natural" whey protein, but for variety, economy and customer service, True Nutrition is hard to beat -

unflavored whey tastes bitter so you have to add some sweetener - True Nutrition offers flavor packs sweetened with stevia that are quite good

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9/4/12 5:16 P

Where do you get the unflavored/unsweetened whey protein powder? That sounds right up my alley. How much does it cost and what does it taste like (or does fruit cover it up)?

SUZEMARIE73 Posts: 85
9/4/12 3:47 P

Make Ahead Smoothies (Comes out to about 300 calories depending on the fruit and optional add ins that you use)

• 1/4 cup uncooked oats (old fashioned rolled oats recommended; do not use steel cut oats)
• 1-1/2 teaspoons dried chia seeds
• 1 cup liquid (dairy or non-dairy milk or juice, or combination)
• 1/4 cup low-fat yogurt (Greek yogurt recommended, but any yogurt may be used, including non-dairy)
• 1 cup fruit, fresh, frozen (unthawed), or canned (drained); or 1/2 cup dried fruit*; or 3/4 cup fruit sauce or puree (i.e. applesauce)
• 1 or more teaspoons sweetener (honey, maple syrup, agave syrup, or your preferred sweetener)
• 1 or more tablespoons fruit jam, preserves, or spread
• 1/8 to 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon or other sweet spices
• 1 or more teaspoons cocoa powder
• 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon vanilla or almond extract or vanilla bean paste

Add oats and chia seeds to blender; blend on high until texture of flour. Add liquid (milk/juice) to blender; use spoon or spatula to stir in oats/chias from bottom. Add yogurt. Add fruit and any additional flavorings. Blend on high until desired smoothness. Taste and add sweetener, if needed. Blend again. Transfer to pint (2 cup) jar or container; refrigerate overnight, or a minimum of 4 hours, so oats & chias can soften. Will keep in refrigerator at least 2-3 days. Shake before drinking.

IF TOO THICK after the fridge soak, add more juice or milk and shake jar/container or return to blender to combine.
FOR A SMOOTHER CONSISTENCY, return to blender after the fridge soak and blend again.
TO FREEZE: May be frozen after the 4 hour soak in the fridge. To thaw, move to fridge a day ahead so it is thawed for drinking the next day. For faster thaw, place frozen jar/container in bowl of cold water on the counter for 1-2 hours. Shake before drinking.

*If using dried fruit, increase liquid (milk/juice) by 1/4 cup

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8/19/12 2:00 A

I use to make smoothies in the morning using the whey protein before work but since I retired I kind of forgot about them. I think one meal replacement a day is fine and gives you all the nutrients when you are in a hurry or want to change things up.

KAPELAKIN Posts: 1,984
8/10/12 12:03 A

I have a green smoothie as my breakfast meal 5-6 days a week, and love it! I get all my fruit and some of my veg servings out of the way first thing in the morning, and can modify it to my needs (e.g. more protein powder if I'm recovering from a hard workout, flax if I think I need the Omega 3's, etc) plus they are a great way to use fruit and I can make endless combinations so they never get boring. It is also easier to tote my smoothie to work in a bottle and drink it throughout the morning, instead of trying to find a time to eat oatmeal or yogurt (I can't stand eating right when I get up in the morning, hence the breakfast at the office).

I'm not a big fan of pre-made, sweet shakes in icecream-type flavors. They don't do anything to readjust the tastebuds to appreciate whole, unsweetened, fresh foods, and generally have lots of mystery ingredients and preservatives.

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8/9/12 11:40 P

I am a big fan of a homemade shake cause then you know EVERYTHING that is in that shake but if you are in a rush and can't make your own, I really like the Myoplex protein drinks. 300 cal. 7g healthy fat, 6 g fiber, 42 g protein, 19 g carbs and 2 g sugar. The only flavor I have found is chocolate fudge and it is pretty good. Good luck

8/9/12 1:47 P

I just started looking into shake meal replacement as well. I have the Magic Bullet and it is great for making anything you want. I found a few recipes and the one I had today was spinach, banana, grapes, pear, and walnuts (and water); it was pretty good. There are some with apples, pineapple, almonds, anything. I like this option because you know exactly what you are putting in and you aren't losing the nutrients like you would in juicing.

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8/9/12 1:36 P

Smoothies are great - the possibilities are endless. Whey protein is available unflavored and unsweetened, so you can add it to anything.

This is something I came up with on my own – it will make approx 20 to 24 oz smoothie, but you can adjust it to suit your situation

4oz (8 tbsp) plain kefir or plain low-fat yogurt
4oz pasteurized egg whites
4oz milk
3 or 4 whole strawberries (leave the stems – extra fibre!)
1/3 banana
1 tbsp chia seeds or ground flax seeds
1.5 tbsp Camino organic cocoa (also fair trade so it costs a little more, but it tastes better)
3 tbsp maple syrup (optional but you need some sweetener otherwise it tastes awful)
2 tsp creamed coconut (also optional – good source of healthy fat and it’s cheap)
40g scoop of whey protein

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8/9/12 1:23 P

I started making smoothies out of just greens (spinach, kale or dandelion greens) and fruit (mix of fresh and frozen). I take a couple of hours and make up several batches of different combinations, pour the results into heavy duty plastic cups, and freeze them. I can usually get 3 "meals" out of every batch. I just take a cup out of the freezer and leave it in the refrigerator overnight and it's thawed and ready to drink for breakfast. Yummy!

8/9/12 1:19 P

I use slim fast every once and again, but it does not fill me il. I normally drink that and. Eat some fruit.

TMCK-40 Posts: 581
8/9/12 9:33 A

Sometimes I just need a grab and go shake. I am going to try slim fast and herbalife and see where that takes me.

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7/31/12 4:31 P

Thanks for the reply. I started a Herbalife program 2 weeks ago. I have seen a small mount of incest coming off, seeing it in clothes. I am having a hard time getting on the scale. I don't want to see it until I've been on a month.

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7/31/12 1:11 P

I'm new to sparkpeople, finding my way around. Was wondering what the conversation might be on protein shakes and meal replacements. I've actually been using the Herbalife products for almost 17 years now as my nutrition and my supplements because I know when left on my own I don't make the best choices and I know the products are top notch.

I've lost 48 pounds total, most days I still supplement 2 meals a day because it's easier than trying to come up with something else to eat. Some days I'll even have a 3rd shake because I'm hungry and it's much less calories than a pizza or burger.

Anyone will lose weight on a calorie controlled plan but weight loss is always a matter of calories in vs calories out (and hitting your protein target). Keep your healthy protein intake up, sugar down, complex carbs are great, no fruit after mid afternoon snack. Eat the right combination, eat often (every 2-3 hours), drink plenty of water to keep the digestive system flushed and working properly and the excess weight will let go.

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7/6/12 12:21 A

Hi, I read that you use Herbalife.. Are you on a program? Or do you just use the shake once a day?

I can't seem to lose a thing!!!! And I don't know if sticking to an Herbalife plan will do it?

I once lost 40 pounds on it years ago.

I need to lose it again.. :(

SUEK24 Posts: 1,139
6/12/12 3:37 P

At my house we use Zone bars or shakes as quick meal replacements and they work great! :) (That's the real Zone bars and shakes from Zone Labs, Inc, online).

6/12/12 3:34 P

I started Herbalife and nothing to brag about just wondering what if the best and effective way to loose weight using SparkPeople, doing the two shakes and one meal is fine but when I am to consume 1300 calories and I burn about 1000 doing zumba I want to be effective loosing weight not sloppy HELP!!

CRYSTALCRISWELL SparkPoints: (14,913)
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5/26/12 2:27 P

Hey there!

I highly recommend ViSalus. I've tried some other shake/smoothie mixes (Shakeology, GNC, Slimfast, etc.), but none tasted as good or had as much nutrition. Plus, I'm sort of a food snob/environmentalist and HATE genetically modified foods. ViSalus is non-GMO, has a ton of protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals, but only has 90 calories for a 2-scoop serving. I like to mix it up a bit and blend it with my favorite fruits, peanut butter, cocoa, coffee, cinnamon, you name it. At first I was a little put off by the price, but then I did the math ... even if I skimp and just eat a frozen Lean Cuisine or something like it, I still spend at least $3.00. Two scoops of ViSalus is only $1.70. Add 8 ounces of milk and your favorite blend-in, and you're not spending any more than that while getting loads more nutrition. Not to mention that sometimes it feels like cheating because it's a tasty shake! If you want more info, let me know. I'd be glad to tell you more.

AURORA629 Posts: 2,393
4/6/12 8:28 A

I personally wouldn't bother with the meal replacement shakes. I would rather make my own smoothie. I make mine from fruit (fresh, frozen, or even canned (the little dole packets)), yogurt, fat free milk, water, a touch of artificial sweetener, and vanilla. If I REALLY wanted or needed it to have more protein, I would probably switch to Greek yogurt (plain fat free) and/or do a peanut butter and chocolate one (cocoa powder for the chocolate). Cocoa powder can be really bitter, so I would add additional sweetener. The ones I make are low fat, low sugar and have mostly healthy stuff in them, yet they usually taste like a dessert. I know some would object to the use of artificial sweeteners, but I don't seem to have a problem with them. I love smoothies, but I don't feel they should be a replacement for real food.

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4/5/12 9:49 P

I have a Magic Bullet (can buy one at Target for about $50) and I make a fruit shake with an orange juice base and add spinach…they are DELICIOUS together. I also add other fruit, depending on what I have in the kitchen and sometimes a carrot or two. You can experiment and discover what combinations you like. The bullet is quick, easy and easy to clean.

JWOOLMAN SparkPoints: (2,410)
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4/5/12 9:35 P

Depends on how much work you want to do and how much money you're willing to spend on breakfast.

I'm allergic to eggs and dairy. There are more options today for those than when I was younger, so if you need non-dairy there are lots to try. I like Shaklee Cinch soy-based shakes, although they aren't cheap. They come in one-serving packages or in canisters (with a scoop). I get the vanilla since it's most versatile but they also have strawberry, café latte, and chocolate (all of which taste pretty good with soy milk at least). They are meant to be mixed with dairy or soy or whatever milk, but I generally use juice with the vanilla. I also like to add frozen fruit sometimes. The mix by itself has vitamins and minerals equivalent to 1/3 daily recommended as in their Vita-Lea multi tablets (2 tablets per day) plus 16 grams complete protein and 6 grams fiber. It does have staying power. I don't use it too much for breakfast (don't like sweet until evening) except when I have to get to work right away proofreading a job for early delivery. Otherwise, I like to pour the blended vanilla protein mix+juice+frozen fruit into 4 oz freezer cups and then eat them like ice cream. Even if the freezer freezes them hard, doesn't take long for them to thaw enough or I just scrape until it does. When I tried a variety pack recently, I did use soy milk for the other flavors and liked the café latte flavor frozen all by itself. I preferred fruit added to the strawberry. The chocolate was okay to me, but I'm not a chocoholic so not a good judge and besides if I wanted chocolate, I would just add cocoa to the vanilla ... . Of course, you can add anything you want to the frozen cups after freezing, as toppings.

For blending - I'm glad I got a refurbished Vita-Mix decades ago (still runs fine) since it can do so much, seems indestructible, and is so easy to clean (just rinse for most things, or put some soapy water in it and run a few minutes), and I actually got it to up my fluid intake during a bad pollen season. It can easily make non-dairy shakes out of cold water and frozen fruit or ice cubes and room temperature fruit, or any kind of vegetable and/or fruit juice (or soup) you can imagine. There are also recipes for soft-serve ice cream using the Vitamix, although the closest I've come to trying that has been making really thick fruit shakes from just fruit (honeydew melon is amazing as a one-fruit shake, also peach or related fruits). But for just mixing up one serving of the protein shake - I usually use the smaller Tribest "personal blender" (sort of like the Bullet you see advertized but much sturdier and without the spotty quality control or the annoying guy peddling them on tv). It's quite powerful but doesn't take up much space. I can mix 6 oz juice, two scoops of the protein mix, plus up to a cup of frozen fruit in the 16 oz container in 10 to 30 seconds. If I just do the juice and the protein mix, I can do 10 seconds or really less. There are two different blades that just screw into the bottom of the container in a separate piece, then you just push it down when it's set on the base properly and hold until it's done. There might be a way to let it run by itself, but it shouldn't run more than a minute at a time anyway and usually things take just a few seconds. Usually just rinsing the container and the blade unit under the tap is all it needs. People actually keep them in their desk at work, it's that small and that easy to clean. Mine came with an assortment of caps for the containers (large and small) so people can take them to work after blending at home, also, with and without a little hole for sipping. I work just a few steps away from a kitchen but have extremely low tolerance for fancy cleanup (or prep...). I'm lucky I can find a clean glass some days. Well, if I can't, I can drink out of the blender container. :)

I also have an adapter for the Tribest that lets me blend right in a mason jar. I got a separate blade unit for the cats so I can blend cat food straight in a mason jar (just by adding a little water to canned food) for cats who are ailing or have sore mouths. The Tribest can also be used for chopping nuts and such as well as blending things. It can even handle ice cubes. Very handy if you often are making small portions of things.

IGT_IJE Posts: 6
4/5/12 6:39 P

Hey All!
Just wanted to throw out another great shake that I haven't seen mentioned. It the Vi-Shape from Visalus. I LOVE these Shakes. They taste like Cake mix!!! Yumm!!!

This is a link to a comparison chart of Protein Shake Mixes! Check it out!!

I started to take these shakes to help with weight loss for my wedding! I lost 15lbs!

Check out this website for more info!!

BAAMOORE SparkPoints: (0)
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3/5/12 1:05 P

I have the Ninja blender and love it. it is so easy to clean and chops ice to fine snow. I make an Herbalife shake for breakfast and the chocolate tastes like a wendy's frosty. It does keep me more satisfied than any other breakfast.

BABAKAPUSTA SparkPoints: (17,353)
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3/4/12 7:59 A

You asked about blenders. Get a Vitamix. They are expensive but wonderful. I bought my first one 39 years ago when I was pregnant with my son. I got a new one for my birthday last year. I can't praise them enough.

If you have ever read Dr. Fuhrman's eat well and live he has a lot of smoothies.

I don't like them. I want to eat my food not drink it. I like soups but smoothies don't do it for me.

I have tried Slimfast and they are alright but I use them as a dessert or snack not a meal.

REDSHOES2011 SparkPoints: (0)
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3/4/12 7:03 A

What you find easier and what is healthier are two different things- learn to eat a real breakfast and avoid high process chemical powders and crap.. To people lossing weight, New Flash don't need protein powders and "suppliments" they are filled with calories out over actual protein..

The stomach to feel satisified needs real food not juicing or blender baby food.. It takes the stomach 3 hours to digest whole food think what people do when they do the stomaches job with a machine- spike the blood sugar because the stomach digests it too fast and then with some smoothies and juices filled with simple sugars make people hungry again and fast..

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CERULEANTEAR1 Posts: 3,072
3/3/12 7:04 P

I suggest only drinking Slim Fast shakes when you're too busy to feel hungry. On the days when I'm on the computer for hours and I don't have the time to make a meal the Slim Fast can come in handy.

LAURA121212 Posts: 130
2/10/12 2:18 A

From my experience,, avoid the SlimFast shakes; they're so not satisfying. And the ones that came in the cans were nasty tasting, like tin! But if you could make your own, without any sugar if possible, I think that sounds great...perhaps a veggie shake in the style of V8 (but less or no sugar)?

RANNA57 SparkPoints: (0)
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2/9/12 5:18 P

I've been trying the chocolate slim fast (low carb version) shake this week after my workouts. I seem to be staying fuller until my lunch which isn't until 2:30 in the afternoon. (I work dumb hours) So after my workouts in the morning, I have a shake with one whole wheat peanut butter toast and sometimes a banana or pineapple.

SWEETIECOOKS SparkPoints: (0)
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2/9/12 11:42 A

I am a weight watchers member and their smoothie mixes taste great, directions call for water, but you can use milk or yogurt, add in fruit etc and blend it together. They have 14 grams if protein and really keep you feeling full for hours. You do not need to be a member to buy them, just go into any weight watchers center.


MSGNOME Posts: 555
2/9/12 9:15 A

I have Carnation instant breakfast ones a lot, if I have 'real' food before I workout my stomach hurts. The vanilla ones are the best ones, chocolate is ok, strawberry is foul!

ALLHAKA Posts: 336
2/9/12 7:04 A

I use Herbalife too. I mix it with ice, skim milk, half a banana, straberries and a tbsp. of dry sugar free pudding mix. It's like banana split ice cream! YUM. I think it is about 300 calories and 25 grams of protein. Keeps me totally tummy-growl free until lunch (I do have a piece of low-fat string cheese when I walk on my break).

2/6/12 8:10 A

there is also the option of using a good balanced mix of real foods to make a smoothie rather than relying on highly processed (and often full of sugar) shakes.

I make a smoothie for breakfast most days that contains fruit (usually frozen strawberries, about 1C), greens (usually kale or spinach, usually 4-5C), nuts/seeds (usually chia or flax, sometimes cashews or sunflower seeds, 2T), and water. Sometimes I add 1-2T cocoa powder or nibs if I'm in the mood for chocolate.

A homemade whole-food smoothie can have a good amount of protein even without dairy (mine usually have 12-15g protein), WAY less sugar, and all the vitamin/mineral/phytochemical goodness of real food. Cheaper than commercial preparations too!

NYXWOLFWALKER SparkPoints: (168,070)
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2/5/12 8:54 P

I use to have the carnations Instant breakfast - the only one I never had an issue with in general (till becoming lactose intollerant that is) ... LOVE the taste and their vanilla drinks are delis (can't stand their chocolate or streaberry versions - gags).

I can't say that any other meal replacement drink (slim fast, boost, ensure, greens, glucerna, etc) work for me. To me they taste nasty and have a really terraible after taste that just makes me wont to toss my cookies, even tried one of the new ones on the market aimed at lactose intollerance and is gluten free same issue made me ill to my tummy trying to drink it.

best option I found is to just make it from scratch, get the lactose free milk, add in lactose free yogurt add in any frozen fruit and blend = fast breakfast (though not as cheap as others, but workable for those with allergies or other issues).

MICHPELL2 Posts: 8
2/5/12 8:29 P

Have you tried Carnation instant breakfast? they are very tasty

2/5/12 5:20 P

I agree with who said the Special K shakes aren't that great. I didn't like the texture and the flavors weren't that impressive. Plus, they made me even hungrier for some reason. Other days they just made me sick. I tried the SlimFast shakes in the morning before work (I work very early and don't have a lot of time to get dressed and eat AND walk to work) and found that they tasted pretty good, kept me full, and didn't have a creepy texture. I also like the Carnation Instant Breakfast with milk on days I have a tiny bit more time and want a higher calorie breakfast.

I disagree with eating things that you don't like just because they give you results. That sounds like a good way to just make yourself miserable. I refuse to eat or drink anything I can't enjoy, especially if I'm going to be preparing it.If someone's making food for me, then I'm not so picky. But when I cook at home, I tend to eat mostly steamed veggies in light sauces and fish. I don't really like other meats, so I don't go through the trouble of preparing them usually, and don't eat them.

Back to the subject of shakes, my brother and my boyfriend have both used various protein heavy meal replacement shake powders for different reasons. Boyfriend for meal replacement (not to lose weight, but in fact to gain), and brother for weight training. Both had no complaints with the Wal Mart and Stop n Shop brands. I think they both got the chocolate flavors? My brother ended up switching to a brand name, GMC, I think. He also liked that one and I think he still uses it. They mix up pretty quickly, but I heard having a blender makes them blend more completely as opposed to just stirring in, and helps the texture a lot. My roommate also tried the Slim Fast shakes like I did and really liked the coffee flavor, I think.

At my old job, we used to have shakes on the menu that were ice cream based, but we had a supplement powder we mixed in on request. I used to blend together fruit and milk (or sometimes fruit and ice, depending) and add in the supplement powder instead of using ice cream. This was a pretty good meal replacement for me and helped me get through my work day. They discontinued using the powder, and I don't know what brand it was, but I'm pretty sure any flavorless or lightly flavored powder would work just as well with fruit and milk or ice.

DOCFANTASTIC SparkPoints: (0)
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2/4/12 1:13 P

I think some eggs and turkey sausage is a good breakfast.

Like you said, if you think it is healthy in the a.m., it helps your day. I find all body-building shakes good tasting. Wal-mart's brand is good.

However, I eat many things that don't taste great because they are good for me. Why, you might ask? How can you stick with it?

When I know it is good for me, works for my body, and see results, the taste gets better.



KHOOLAN Posts: 52
2/4/12 1:13 P

I like Gold Standard Whey with skim milk and frozen fruit. Banana makes it thick and rich like a milkshake. It's about 250 calories and the protein holds me. I puree it right in a solo cup with a stick blender and drink it in the car on the way to work. Yum!

TIGRIB Posts: 19
2/4/12 1:05 P

Hi, I use Herbalife nutritional shakes. They have all the nutrition I need to get the day started and they're quick to make. Hope this helps :) My kids like them too as a quick nutritional breakfast in the morning.

SMS1111 Posts: 23
2/4/12 8:10 A

I a looking for a breakfast/nutrition replacement shake. I have recently had some dental work and cannot chew. I would like to know what is a good choice for nutrition, high fiber, but not to high in calories. I also like the idea when I am really having a busy morning I can have something quick, easy and that tastes good. This is not for every day but maybe a few times a month. Any ideas of a good brand. emoticon

1/9/12 9:15 P

I am not a big breakfast eater, and have used the protein powders to help with this in the past. I liked the GNC Pro Performance powders, especially the chocolate-caramel flavor, but my favorite is Optimum Nutrition brand. Ordering online is usually going to give you the best deal.

KELLILVN SparkPoints: (0)
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1/9/12 9:07 P

I use whey protein powder. There is vanilla and chocolate. I like my smoothies thick like a milkshake so I use frozen fruits.

Strawberry Banana smoothie:

Frozen Strawberries (1/2 c or so)
1/2 frozen banana sliced up
1 scoop vanilla whey protein
1 c milk or vanilla almond milk

This is my absolute favorite:

Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie (makes 2 servings)

1/2 frozen banana sliced
1 Tablespoon lowfat peanut butter
1 scoop chocolate whey protein
1/2 c Dark Chocolate Almond milk
1/2 c milk (or you can just use a full cup of the almond milk)
4-5 ice cubes

I like the whey powders because I can try new flavors. I've done Chocolate Strawberry smoothies, Peppermint Mocha Smoothie, and even a Pina Colada smoothie.

MISSMO44 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/9/12 8:43 P

thanks! i tried the special k diet once and I did NOT like the special k shakes, but maybe i'll try slimfast

MEMEME75 Posts: 658
1/9/12 8:06 P

I like both the slimfast shakes and the special K shakes. However, I can't survive on 190 calories per meal. So, the shake is nice with so yogurt ans fresh fruit.

HUNNA13 Posts: 180
1/9/12 8:02 P

I use Herbalife. You use 2 scoops of powder per 1 cup of skim milk, and it has all the nutrients of a meal, plus it tastes amazing and keeps you full! A canister costs about $35 and lasts me about a month and a half.

MISSMO44 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/9/12 8:00 P

If I start out my day with a healthy, I find it easier to eat healthy throughout the day. I'm interested in buying a juicer/blender and some type of protein powder to make a "shake" for breakfast. Does anyone have and opinions on good juicers to use? Or recipes? Any other opinions? Thanks :]

***I want something that tastes good, not something i'll have to "get used to". Are there protein powders you can mix with other things such as fruit/veggies? I want to get a lot out of breakfast. Any ideas?

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