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If it's something that you'll actually use, I'd say go for it. My gym has them and I like using them when I want to cross train from running. If you can, find a sports store near you that has floor models of the machine you're looking for. That way you can take a look at the set up in person before you spend money.

That being said, you should also buy some resistance bands so you can start strength training. Strength training is more important than cardio (diet being most important by far) when it comes to fat loss. Resistance bands are cheap and quiet and very versatile when it comes to the types of exercises you can do. Check out "Body by You" by Mark Lauren or "The New Rules of Lifting for Women."

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7/23/13 4:46 P

I'm a single mom. I wake up in the morning get me and my son ready for the day, grab something to eat as we are running out the door (If I remember, sometimes its still on the counter when I get home from work), take him to daycare, I go to work, get off work, grab him, make dinner, give him a bath, put him to bed. Then this is the time I have for me. I would like to get something for home to use. I can't go for a walk or a run (if I did run) once he's sleeping. I've been looking at the Gazelle's, that range from $100 to $300. Its hard to tell if the differences is worth the price differences by just looking online. Also there are so many mixed reviews from "I love it" to "its the most worthless piece of junk ever". I like that they fold up because I don't have much room and the price because I don't have much money. Please help!!!

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