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DOLPHIN7769 Posts: 1,358
5/4/13 11:40 P

yes it is

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5/4/13 10:57 A

It's amazing, isn't it, what a difference it is when we keep our minds focused on Him, and hold ourselves accountable by His standards - and His promises!! God bless!

DOLPHIN7769 Posts: 1,358
5/3/13 10:25 A

:) emoticon

DATPANNA Posts: 158
5/3/13 3:54 A

Ahh, one of the times I wish journals had like buttons. :)

DOLPHIN7769 Posts: 1,358
5/3/13 1:48 A

I have just been truly blessed.I have been walking every day. Today i pushed my limits through God's strength. I took the harder paths today and even walked an extra mile. feel great physical and spiritually. Thank You Jesus

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